Green River Lake with early morning fog

Today is the 281st day of my commitment to be grateful, that is to daily identify specific things and express my gratitude for them.  Today I have some to share.

This morning, after Wayne left for work at Amazon and I was quietly reading the book I  just started yesterday, Toby suddenly demanded my attention and seemed to want to go outside.  It had just become daylight, and I was quite annoyed to be pulled from my reading and my early-morning coffee, but I have learned that when a dog wants to go outside, the best course of action is to accommodate that request as quickly as possible.

I checked my fancy atomic clock for the outside temp and found it to be 33 degrees, which made it even less attractive to leave the warmth of the house.  I nevertheless slipped on shoes and a heavy sweatshirt, attached a leash to each dog, grabbed a clean-up bag just in case, and out into the cold the 3 of us went.

The photo above is the sight that greeted me.  The light fog hovering over the lake under the blue sky and white clouds created one of the most serene views I have ever seen, and I lingered in the solitude and the calmness.  Who knew there was such beauty in eastern Kentucky?   I stared at it for quite awhile, then the boys took care of their dog business, I took care of the cleanup, and we returned to the house.

I checked my email and was reminded that today was the beginning of Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge, entitled “Creating Abundance”, and I had planned to participate.  I signed in for the meditation and found that the first day’s topic was “Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.”  Could it have been any more appropriate?  I completed the meditation in my newly acquired state of serenity and in total awe of the way everything is connected.

Today I am grateful for my surroundings, for Toby who took me outside to experience the morning, and for Deepak Chopra’s meditation challenge.  Today, and I hope every day, I will recognize the abundance that surrounds me.