We woke to a heavy fog this morning.  After French Toast and a few cups of Coffee, the sun was starting to burn off the thick mist and a great sunny day emerged.  It was soon time to take care of the short list.

Beautiful day.

Beautiful day.

Well it is not ALL fun and games ‘out here’ as a full time RVer.  You still have the house work.  Not really a big deal as it is all of about 300SF so not an all day thing by any means.  BUT there are a few things added to the list compared to the ol’ sticks and bricks.  My contributions are mostly outside, so here is one of those chores in some detail.  Remember our long term plan includes Dry Camping out west.


For any of you that are not familiar with RVing, that is the sewer holding tanks.  If you are in a FHU (full hook up) site, no big deal.  BUT so far we have been in four parks/sites and only one had a dump at one site and it was UPHILL.  The solution is a ‘HONEY WAGON’ like this one.

Tote Along - AKA Honey Wagon

Tote Along – AKA Honey Wagon

Tote Along – AKA Honey Wagon

Ours is a Barker 2785, (27 gallons) – there are a variety of sizes available.  Not sure how I chose this one when I did, way back in the early days with the Hybrid.  I guess it was the Universe guiding me.  Glad I have it now.  So what typically is done, the connections are made and tanks on the camper are emptied into the Tote Along.  Then you place the loop at the end of the handle over and around the hitch ball and pull the tank to the dump station with your tow vehicle.  That is unless,,, you are in the mood for a walk.

Hauling a LOAD!!

Hauling a LOAD!!

Hauling a LOAD!!

WOW, that would be a heavy load if it is full.  Well you get the idea.

So what is my point?  A simpler way and one that allows a remote camp, say 10 or more miles from water or a dump station.  Here is how…


Garbage Disposal, Macerator Pump

A macerator pump.  I chose to make a Heavy Dutyone.  From the boating days, I knew I could get a 12 volt set up and make a run at this ‘problem’.  You can also buy the expensive systems that are 12 volt and all put together for you and….good luck.  I mentioned the boating days, I have bought quite a few of them in the past, they just do not wear well from my experience.  This old Garbage Disposal should last a long time.  I can run it with the Yahama generator or off power from the pedestal.

The project was rather simple, the neck just needed to be reduced slightly for the Clear RV connection to be mounted.  Four self taping bolts were used to secure the connector.  A good friend (David H.) made the brass hose bib for the discharge and it simply bolts on with no mods to the unit, be sure to use the gasket.  This unit will lift 6′ from a 50′ garden hose, (maybe more).


Pumping a heavy load!!


pumping honey

With the correct fittings this is an easy one person job that really takes a lot of the hassle out of the chore.

Now for the final deposit!!!

Last weeks groceries

Last weeks groceries

Last weeks groceries

And away she goes, down the drain.  This makes a long boondock camp possible if you are going to be where we will be some of the time, milesfrom a dump station.

OK, what about fresh water??

25 Gal fresh tank - 12 volt transfer pump.

25 Gal fresh tank – 12 volt transfer pump.

Not to worry cowboy, got that covered too.

Now it’s time for some of that Kentucky Bourbon.  G’night

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