We have (nearly) completed the Bourbon Trail with one, the Four Roses distillery yet to be visited.  So here is a brief recap of what we have seen.

Makers Mark, Jim Bean and Heaven Hill.

20121024_152235 Jim Beam20121025_1444021_thumb.jpgThat was the first part of our journey and discovery of “America’s Official Native Spirit”.  The history behind bourbon is fascinating as are the variations used in producing the end result.  These differences result in some pretty specific tastes and fragrances, unique to each of the leading brands.

So today we headed to Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey and Four Roses.

The trip to Woodford Reserve was about 1 1/2 hours and it was lunch time when we got there.  Just enough time to get a great lunch at Glenn’s Creek BBQ in Millville, the only restaurant in town, before the next tour.  The trip took us through some of the most beautiful estates you could imagine.  This is the other thing Kentucky is known for, it’s Thoroughbred Horses, I missed the opportunity to get pictures but you can check it out here.

20121113_1349181_thumb.jpg 20121113_1326461_thumb.jpg

Glenn’s Creek BBQ with our Friends Carla, Bill and Mitch.

Back at Woodford Reserve, we were soon off on the tour.20121113_1314151_thumb.jpg20121113_1356251_thumb.jpg


Much of what makes up these facilities dates back to the early 1800’s with significant development around 1900 and again after prohibition.  Each Distillery has it’s own uniqueness.  For example the barrel houses here at Woodford Reserve are limestone and not nearly as tall as the wooden structures at most of the other locations.  The Barrel House plays a key roll in the aging of the bourbon.20121113_1420551.jpg


20121113_1422491_thumb.jpg  20121113_1431291.jpg20121113_1443431_thumb.jpg

20121113_1445171_thumb.jpg 20121113_1450131.jpg

The sour mash in the huge Cypress vats, yeast is converting the sugar into alcohol.  The three copper stills have a magical look to them and remind me of something like Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

This was a Great tour and we really liked their finished product.

The tour of Woodford Reserve over it’s off to Wild Turkey…

20121113_160622[1]  20121113_160635[1]

Rhonda may be having too much fun (bourbon).  We will have to make sure she gets past this attraction without any more broken limbs.  She is cut off…..20121113_1629471_thumb.jpg

Now I’m sure everyone knows about Wild Turkey.  The setting for this location is also beautiful.  We did not get there in time for the tour, but did get to see a 7 minute video and join the group from the tour just ending for the sampling of product.  Good stuff for sure.

So we have to say the favorites were Makers Mark, Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam.  The tours were well done and,,, well, yes the Bourbon was great.  We were not able to get to Four Roses as we ran out of time.  Our intention is to go there in a week or so and include a stop at a couple of historically significant attractions along the way.

Don’t miss the Bourbon Trail if you are in the area, it is well worth the time and the history is fascinating.

Now that we have the cupboard stocked for the winter.  we should stay warm and happy!!!20121113_1630571_thumb.jpg