Tires for the 5er:  Goodyear G614RST, the right tools for the job.

We bought the Cameo last spring and it came with a fairly new set of DURO tires, the date stamp was 2610.  The DOT date stamp reads wk/yr; the first two numbers are the week – the second are the year.  There is a lot of info out there on tires and tire safety, weight ratings etc.  Probably the best resource for a LOT of information on weight ratings and tire safety can be found on the RV Dreams web site & Daily Journal.  Howard and Linda do a great job of delivering the details needed for a well informed position on many things – RV.

My research showed the DURO tires have quite a number of failures.  I made MY decision based on that research. I found a few folks, not many for sure, that said this brand had served them well. Most reported problems, again do your research.

After a lot of consideration I made arrangements for the new tires to be installed when we get to Pensacola, FL in January, about 700 miles south.  But the uneasy feeling was persistant.  When the valve stems needed to be dealt with it was a catalist for change.  Here is what came up on my radar in the past few weeks.   I noticed Bill and Cathy had just averted danger and damage from a potential blow out on their rig.  You can read about it here.  Well that was it for me, considering the time of year, cooler temps, and the tires still developed a problem!!! Well, since I am confident that Bill keeps a close eye on his rig, I felt it would be prudent to get the tires changed before we pulled out of here.   I took action.

Part one of this ‘story’ had to do with tire pressure and getting a reliable solution to the valve stem extensions for the DRW on the Truck.  The ‘universe’ led me to the local Good Year tire dealer here in Campbellsville, KY.  As you know from Part One they came up with a bullet proof solution.  This is where things get real good for the 5er and me.  Convenient and I get to roll with more confidence.

Ben, the service advisor at Campbellsville Auto Service Center found the tires (Goodyear G614RST) from one of their distributors at the price I was willing to pay.  He also offered to come to the camp site here at Green River State Park and change the tires on the Cameo.  BINGO, Done Deal!!! That is what we did.  These guys earned the business, and it is good to know you do not have to look long and far to find honest and reliable help out here.

20121128_1355111_thumb.jpg 20121128_1420101.jpg

Jerry drove out and carefully lifted and blocked the Cameo.  He then removed all four tires/wheels and took them back to the shop where he could mount the new tires.  A short while later he returned and mounted them on the 5er, he even took the time to do the job right and use the right tool for the job (torque wrench), and now we are good to go.

20121128_1418511.jpg 20121128_1616351.jpg

I tell you, these guys were great.   Again, if you are in the Campbellsville, KY area and need tires or service, I don’t think you will find more reliable or honest folks than at Campbellsville Auto Service.

When we pull out of here it will be with the Goodyear G614RST tires and a much more comfortable feeling driving down the road.  The Cameo is rated for load range E so we are two load range ratings higher than spec.

Getting these tires all lined out and ready has given me a terrible case of Hitch-Itch.

Counting the days till we roll.