Day one, Tuesday.

Kind of feeling a little slow today. Could be the gray skies or more likely the Amazon effect.  Wow it feels good to just sit here with a cup of coffee and the feet up for a while…


It is a gray day and the first of my two days off.  The schedule used to be three days off and four 10-hour work days.  Thanksgiving brings big changes at Amazon, things can get crazy busy and O/T starts to kick in.  I have opted to not work the max, six 10-hour shifts per week however five are mandatory, so I will be doing a few 50 hour weeks.  The O/T is great, but what the heck, do I really need to push that hard?

So it is a great day to get caught up, get some business taken care of and take my wife out to dinner.  There are two Asian food options in Campbellsville,  Yamato Japanese Steakhouse and the Magic Wok.  Rhonda has a need for a SUSHI fix, so I think I know where we will end up going.  I plan to finish this post after today has happened so we will both find out where we went when I am finished writing!!!

Later in the day…

We slowly made our way out of the park and were heading to Kroger when Mitch and Bill called and asked what time and where we were meeting for dinner.  Good thing, it started raining while we were at the restaurant and if we had the groceries, they would have been soaked in the back of the truck.

SUSHI won, and it was a great choice.

20121204_1719311_thumb.jpg 20121204_1720101.jpg

Bill ordered the Hibachi Chicken and I had the Filet Mignon and Shrimp.  Rhonda and Mitch ordered various SUSHI rolls and we had a feast.

Project1.jpg 20121204_1747231.jpg

We all agreed, the food was VERY good and we will go back again before we leave here.  I highly recommend this place for all you out there who like good Japanese food including SUSHI.

When we left, Rhonda and I went to Kroger and stocked up on groceries.  It was raining pretty hard by the time we got home but we made it without anything getting really soggy.  If tomorrow the rain continues, we may just stay in and try to figure out how to make the DVD player work with the TV we changed out before we left St. Louis.  Looking forward to another day of down time.

Countin’ the days…

Day Two, Wednesday.

Woke to a THICK FOG

20121205_0843301.jpg 20121205_0844341.jpg

While we were having our morning coffee, we watched the sun slowly burn off the mist.  Beautiful.

20121205_1011041.jpg 20121205_1011241_thumb.jpg

As I write this I notice the fog is gone, there is not one cloud in the sky and the temps are forecast to be close to 60 today.



What a great day to be off work.  I may try to get the DVD player and the new TV to cooperate and play well together, but I still feel like just relaxing, no hiking or any real work here.  Saving myself for the hiking at Amazon.  Just 15 more days left!!  Then we will be beaching it in Pensacola.

End of the day update

Well I got the DVD / TV wiring thing worked out.  We sat by the fire for a while, then as the sun went down a chill came with the north breeze.  We went inside and fired up an old movie, The Godfather Pt 1, an old time fav and still as good as the first time I saw it.  We will have to do all three over the next couple weeks.

Nursing that case of Hitch Itch & countin’ the days,,,