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One objective in working at Amazon was to immerse ourselves into the full time RV lifestyle and meet other folks who have been living full time for a while.  It worked.

We have met quite a variety of folks here and made some friendships that will endure.  Knowing our paths will cross again down the road is something we look forward to.  By design or by happenstance, we will meet again.

There is no one stereotypical profile for the full time RVer.  The folks we have met working here at Amazon come from all walks of life.  Some work because they have to, some not at all, and some for the ‘extra money’.  A few are here really for the camaraderie or just for something to do in the ‘between time’ of fall and early winter.

There are families here who are home schooling their children.  You can check out more about that at the web site Families on the Road.

There are individuals, single folks, both men and women. In fact it is striking that there are so many single women who drive all types of rigs.  Got to hand it to them.  I only mean there are a lot of women who would not have the confidence to do this, not that they are incapable.  So please do not misinterpret what I am saying here.  Had to say that to clear it up right up front.  Here are a couple of very interesting examples you can check out.  I really like reading about the adventures of RV Sue and another Susan.  This is just two examples, there are many many more.

There are some Full Time RVers have their own businesses.  We met a couple who have a number of concession trailers and a staff.  In season they provide fast food and snacks at festivals where they travel.  In the off season they sometimes work.  They tried Amazon but left early for another option.  Too bad!  In addition to hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy, Erin was a great cook.  She fixed a pile of great hors d’oeuvres one night shortly after they got here.  We will miss that.

One new found friend that works at Amazon has an interesting business.

He makes money getting High!!!!

Flying in his hot air balloon that is.


James P. Wiles, Jr.

check it out here www.libertyballoonrides.com

An excerpt from his web site says it all


The thrill is not from the basket going up, but by the feeling of the ground slowly slipping away as you escape the confines of the earth’s gravity. There are few pleasures as grand as drifting slowly over the earth in an open basket. It’s romantic, it’s breathtaking, it’s a journey you’ll never forget! The silent beauty of floating hundreds of feet over the beautiful countryside watching the world awaken below.

leon_21.jpg scenery1.jpg

Jim will be headed to Iowa for a gig at Adventureland next season.  While he is there in Des Moines, IA he will have his hot air balloon with him and you can book a flight.  Think of it, a BALLOON RIDE, 100s of feet off the ground – how cool is that?  I am very sure it will be a highlight of your trip.  Tell him I sent you.

So in summary, we have met a great group of folks here.  Too bad we have not had the time to meet everyone.  The fact that we were here will be a great ice breaker with folks we meet as we travel.  Some will have been here, some will be curious about it and want to know more.  As a whole, all will be great folks to get to know.  That has been the rule and not the exception, some of the nicest people are out here full timing.

Living the dream…