AMAZON – What tools do you need?

I have been asked by some folks to provide feedback on the Amazon experience as they may want to try it…

I have been struggling with what to say or not to say about the job at Amazon.  I do not want to cause anyone to decide not to go for it when they could and may do quite well.  I see folks of all shapes, sizes, and a variety of physical fitness (or not) doing this job (Picking).  Now it has become clear that it is appropriate to make this post.

Sure you need to be able to bend, lift, stoop, walk, OH did I say walk.  HELL yes you need to walk, if you are a picker you can count on about 10 to 15 miles per shift.  Here is my story and how it relates to having the right tools for the JOB.

I had been reading a lot of stuff like this about New Balance Shoes.  Well Kristy ( He Said….She Said ) had me convinced, and I tried with no luck to find my size on line.  Then while we were at Lake Barkley, we took a ride into Paducah and at the mall I charged into a shoe store asking for help finding the shoes.  The clerk, after hearing I would be working a 10-hour shift and walking 10 to 15 miles on concrete, said I needed to consider a pair of ASICS with gel soles.  They did not have my size.  As I was leaving the mall, I passed a second shoe store.   Same thing, I did not ask for ASICS but the clerk suggested them over anything else.  WOW, I may have found something even better than the best.  Well he did not have my size either, but found a store that did and would have them shipped to our next camp in Campbellsville, KY, just before I was to start work.  Can’t beat that, done deal.

I used those shoes for the first five weeks, the pain became almost too much to bear.  To skip details let’s just say I asked one of the 5-year veterans at Amazon what she suggested.  What did she say?  New Balance – the only way to go.  (Thank you Sandy) Add Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles and you have the right tools for the job.  I went to the local shoe store, paid half what the ACSCS cost and got the highest model number 608 of New Balance walking shoe.  I added the Dr. Scholl’s insoles, and now after a week the PAIN is GONE.  I am sore but out of pain, and I know I will be able to complete the job and be there till the end.  Can’t wait to leave, but I will not be forced to leave before I have lived up to what I signed up to do.



Got the T Shirt

I should point out, I have never spent a lot of time thinking about tennis shoes.  To me they were all over-priced and a shoe is a shoe.  Wrong.

Now in no way am I saying that ASICS are bad shoes.  From what I am told, they are known for their high arches and for me that is not a good fit.  Felt good at first, but try 10 hours on concrete and OUCH.  Hard to deal with.  So I guess the take away is be sure to get GOOD advice from someone in a store that will help and take the time to truly fit you with the right tools for the job.  I got that help at Shoe Sensation in Campbellsville and in retrospect should have gone there in the first place.


As far as working at Amazon, it is a job.  It is a great way to spend the late fall and early winter.  You get paid for a fitness plan as many have said.  I have lost about 30 lbs and love the fact that I am getting paid to get in shape.  The folks here are great, and I mean the Amazon staff, the businesses and residents in Campbellsville as well as the fellow work campers.  For us it has been a super way to make valuable connections with some experienced full timers also.  Our objectives were multifaceted, and yes we are pleased with the result.  Will I do it again, probably.  I am thinking of Fernley, NV next season, and we are planning to be headed in that direction.  Something else may get our attention but I am thinking Amazon again unless something else pops up.

So in summary, I say, good luck and go for it, if you have the right tools for the job.

The Dreaded Hitch Itch keeps growing, counting the days till we head south…

Happy Holidays.