Well Amazon 2012 is now in the history books for us.  On this, the final day of the season, there was a different tone in the air.  Seems like we had reached the pinnacle and broken records, leaving managers happy and grateful for the contribution from the Camperforce Team.

There were cookies and candy spread around at the pick managers’ desks for anyone that wanted to have a snack.  We worked through the day and it was the familiar routine, 9:00 am 15 min break,  lunch at 11:15 to 11:45, then a briefing from pick managers along with stretching exercises, and the 2:00 break.20121219_1942561_thumb.jpg

After the 2:00 break the day starts to get a bit long, and at some point watching the clock becomes part of the routine.  We had been told our shift would end the day at 4:15 and have a party in the front of the building in the big white tent.  I guess we were doing a good job of getting the stuff pulled, and the message came on the scanner that I-shift was to be in the tent at 3:45.  Our time here was over for this season.


The Management team, including HR, extended what was obviously a very sincere message of gratitude for the hard work and focus the full time RV community brings to the job.  Seems they broke records for safety, accuracy and of course orders filled and shipped.

As I have said, our personal goals and objectives were met.  We have met some reallygreat folks, many I will call friends.  We do believe we will stay in touch and cross paths with many.  We sure hope so.

As for the Amazon folks, Sandy, Ashley, Lee and Ken (our pick managers), as well as the Camperforce HR team – Kelly, Stephanie and Jenifer – what a great bunch of folks to work with.  Thank you all for your hospitality and understanding.  Sandy was particularly helpful in her suggestions for the right shoes.  In summary, I leave Amazon SDF1 with fond memories.

We are deciding to leave Saturday not Friday due to the weather forecast, we will see.

Potsy update…

Hard to explain but for now at least the Lil Who is perking up.  The vet ran the blood work and said he was amazed Pots was awake much less alive and that was Monday.  Sunday there were times we could not really tell if he was still breathing or not.

This is him as I was getting ready to leave today.


He did eat a variety of stuff today and so far so good.  If he is truly getting better, he has a lot of weight to gain, so we will be trying to feed him really well for a while.

It is a good thing the last day at Amazon was today, I am sure there are some of the ‘regulars’ that were beginning to think the guy out there picking and crying was some kind of psycho.  The thought of not having the little guy around is really hard for me to come to terms with.  He is a unique little dog and for a Min Pin unique for his breed.

Stay with us Pots.