This morning we wake to the rain that has been in the forecast.

 Potsy is full of energy and gets up wanting to go outside.  When we come back in he is acting like he wants to eat, nothing will do but the stuff we have never let him eat till now.  Junk food for dogs.  He devours a small amount of it and is ready to take his position on the couch.


Strange how things go.  When we were in the tent being released from Amazon yesterday, the temp was in the mid 50’s, the sky was pure blue, no clouds.  What a difference a day makes.  Or is it the universe slowing us down for a reason.  Time will tell.

With the forecast being what it is and the uncertain short term future for our little big dog, it looks like we will be here till Saturday AM.  No real big deal as we were released by Amazon a full three days ahead of what we had planned for.  That is the positive in this whole thing.  No rush, as it should be when you are living this Full Time RV lifestyle.  Hitch itch is still there but the over riding concern right this minute is Pots.  We are consulting with the vet and trying to figure out and predict what may be happening here.  I sure do not want to lose him but I also refuse to allow him to go through any misery.  That for now is not an issue, but could become one soon.

So for now, we are carrying on and getting chores done we had planned for today.  Getting together with Mitch and Bill for one more go at the Japanese Grill, Yomato.

So in summary, it has been my experience that many times things work out the way they do for a reason.  It may not be real clear at the time but after the fact can be obvious.  May be the case here too.  We will keep you posted.

Last but not least, for all our friends who chose to leave or travel last night and today, our thoughts are with you for safe travel and a fantastic Holiday where ever you are.

Taking it as it comes for now.