Friday night and we are planning to leave early Saturday.  Al and Karen stopped by before work to say good bye.  It was really nice to get to know them.  Soon it  was time for them to get to their last hours of Amazon for the 2012 peak.


With our commitment to Amazon behind us, Bill, Mitch, Rhonda and I decided it was party time.  Bill and Mitch brought a surprise, Shrimp wow that was good stuff and as I say a big surprise.


We also had a few drinks before calling it a night.  Thank you Mitch and Bill.  We really must plan to get together when ever we can in the future.

Well we did wake to a frozen world Saturday.  No pictures, sorry but the frost was thick.  There were patches of ice on the road from the ground water running out of the hills to the lake.

We took our time and double checked the punch list then finally headed out.

Are we now real F/T RVers?

20121223_041228.jpg 20121223_041142_thumb.jpg

Feels like an initiation into some kind of fraternity.  We ‘camped’ at a Wal*Mart!!!

Even with a late departure from Green River Campground, we passed the Cracker Barrel (YEP that was the plan) too early to stop.  Camping world said they have full hook ups and we would have no problem getting a spot there.  Well that was wrong.  There were a bunch of folks traveling for the holiday and every spot was taken.  No big deal except the temp is in the mid 30s and could get colder, Yikes.  Well we tucked our tails and headed to Wal*Mart – took a spot between some big rigs and crawled in for the night.  The Tempur-Pedic was uh… crunchy and cold.  We lit the propane heater and slept till just before dawn.

So after walking the dogs and a couple of cups of coffee from McDonalds, we were off again in the dark headed to Pensacola and warmer weather.  By the time we got there it had been a 10 hour road trip and half of that was at night. Not exactly my travel plan but it got us down the road.


Pensacola Bay Bridge

20121223_153102.jpg  20121223_153113.jpg

Fort Pickens Camp Ground

We are now set up and resting from the long trip. Warming the house was an easy task with the outside temps in the hi 50s.

20121223_151025.jpg 20121223_151218_thumb.jpg

A walk to the Beach, yep those are big gray clouds.

The storm that is developing over Mississippi will likely have us socked in Christmas Day.  Lots of rain is likely.


Santa was spotted here on the end of the island.

So our adventure in Florida begins.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Weathering the storm.

PS Potsy update;

Dayton AKA Potsy is still perking up.  AMAZING.  He is now very picky abnout what he wants to eat, but we do seem to get him to eat a little bit of food regularly.  I am just glad to have him here and alert for as long as we can keep him around.