The forecast is for rain and the temps are likely to drop.  Before things changed we took a hike on the bay side of the island.


Yep that is Pots, he continues to perk up, amazing since we were told by the vet, the end was near. Anyway, here are some shots from the trail on the bay side of the island.

wpid-20130102_134727.jpg wpid-20121231_103758.jpg

wpid-20121231_105240.jpg wpid-20130102_135738.jpg

Here is the back side entrance to one of the batteries from WWll

wpid-20130102_142544.jpg wpid-20130102_142527.jpg

This is where the big gun was.

20121226_130830.jpg 20121226_130857_thumb.jpg

So now we are hold up in the 5er.  Heaters are on and we are getting ready to devour the remaining shrimp from last night.  Tomorrow looks to be a busy day, laundry, banking (Taxes) ((ARGHHH)) More shrimp from Joe Patti’s and scheduling a few campground spots for February.

Thanks for ‘stopping by’.