On our next to last night here in Pensacola, it is a mix of sadness and excitement.  Pensacola and the Gulf Breeze area are really easy to get used to.

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Especially considering Joe Patti’s is so close.  Yep we did it again, pigged out on Royal Reds.  This would have been a $100. tab or more at many of the restaurants we have frequented in the past.  We spent about $20. and had a feast.

So we packed up stuff today and started getting ready to roll east Sunday AM.  Next stop  lake Seminole, COE.CG in Georgia.  It is on the way and a convienient place to take up three days.  Soon we will be in Alexander Springs with old friends George and Mary.  I plan to get some much needed fishing done while we are hanging out there.

I believe we will plan a stay right here at Ft. Pickens again in Feb. when we are heading north west.

So it is sad to leave, but exciting to plan and anticipate what is ahead.  I guess that comes with being F/T.  We love it.
As you see from above, the sunset was pretty good here tonight.   I lucked out with a couple pics that were good enough to hang here.