Well it is fun making things work that quit working.  The fan switch was only operating the fan on full speed, no more low, medium, just hi.  I fired up the hot spot and quickly found the answer.  A $30.00 part and I could do the fix with just a turn of two screws.  Well not so fast.  It did not say I needed to fit into the space of a gallon milk jug to do the work.


I finally got it done but what a pain.  Saved the better part of a couple hundred I’m sure so it works.

BUT WAIT she (LADY LUCK) is not done with me.
On our 160 mile ride east, I was checking those front tires every stop.  Noticed some uneven wear on the inside tread on both fronts!


This will not do.  So….
Day ONE at Lake Seminole was spent at a local Goodyear store.


$650. Later (OUCH DAMNED LADY LUCK) we have a new upper balljoint & hub on the passengers side and an  allingment correcting the problem.
I would have preferred spending that on Shrimp and Burbon.
Oh well, I remember $3,000 for a furnace in the sticks and bricks.