It was Wednesday 1/9/13.  We were ready to roll at about 10:30 headed to Alexander Springs.


We ‘landed’ approx 7 hours later, right in the jungle.  Called George and Mary who were quick to take the 9 mile ride from their camp to catch up.  It was Rhonda’s birthday and they brought a bottle of Champagne.  They also brought sausage, we fixed a salad and baked potatos and had a great visit.  Sounds like the fishing is slow, but what the heck, we will give it a go in the next few days.  George brought his boat.


When we checked in, the ranger told us to be particularly careful about feaving food and food waste out.  There is an orphan cub active in the campground.  Yep, this is bear country for those of you that did not know.

Another tid bit if interest: We just left Lake Seminole, 76,000 acres and I was told there are 2 1/2 gators per acre there!


Here is our little watch dog Dayton, AKA Bugs, looking out for bear and gators.


The place is quite beautiful.  It turns out the 14 day limit is not applied this time of year, we may just stay a bit longer.  Can’t beat the temps, feels like spring in St. Louis.  We are even sleeping with the windows open.