Time to try our hand at fishing the St. John’s river.  George and Mary had invited us to come over to fish, have a fish fry and watch Downton Abby. It was a good thing that George had been persistent and caught a few fish over the past week.

George and I spent a few hours fishing.  To say the action was slow would be grossly understated, it was dead.  But as they say ‘a bad day fishing, beats the hell out of a good day at work’.

This stretch of the river is spectacular.20130113_152555.jpg

image.png 20130113_152632_thumb.jpg

20130113_152949.jpg 20130113_152650_thumb.jpg

The only bite we had was this small Eel.  The cruise was fantastic.  We saw three Alligators, all were less than three feet.


After our fishing, I went home to get Rhonda and we returned to enjoy some great Crappie and watched the season premier of Downton Abbey.  The batteries were dead so I got no pictures of our meal, but I assure you it looked as good as it tasted.  Thank you Mary.

We called it a night after the show and headed home about 10:00PM.

Sounds like we will be getting together soon for a river cruise.  We will keep the camera ready and have extra batteries with us.  Stay tuned.