image.pngSorry for the lack of recent updates, the computer broke and we have a very weak signal here in at Alexander Springs.  A drive of about 10 miles gets us a decent signal but still not strong.  We will be here for another week and then head back north.  Be ready for a flood of new posts as I get things back in order from the computer failure.  There have been many adventures and a lot to get posted here.image7.png

We went for a river cruise the other day and came upon a few Alligators, two were big old rascals.  One actually advanced on us.  We were in the Boat and he went under it hoping one of us would fall in I guess.  Best guess was about 14 feet, pictures in the next post, promise.


In addition to the River Cruise, we plan to do the Yearling Trail hike early next week.  It is one of those local spots with a rich history, my favorite.

So stay tuned and there will be a lot of stuff popping up as I get caught up.  Should be some good stuff.  May even have a fishing report soon, George is telling me about some productive days he has been having, we will see.image41_thumb.png

Putting it back together in the jungle.  Stay warm.  Stay tuned.