New computer, spent a day and a half getting things back in order now it is back to business.  The business of being a F/T RV’er.

Cruise on the St. Johns Riverimage_thumb.png

Time to get aboard and cruise the St. Johns River.  George says we are sure to see some big gators on the route he has planned.


Turns out he is right.  In only the first mile of our cruise we saw this large beast.


And just a few feet away these two to three footers.  Babies. Look close on the logs.


We were also in a Manatee Zone.  Pretty sure we had a few swimming under the boat due to the swirls in the water but the visibility was very poor and we did not actually see Manatees.

image.png image.png

Continuing on the St. Johns River, we soon encountered the grand daddy gator…


When I called out ‘bring it on ‘BAD BOY’, he did.  He promptly turned his head in our direction, slowly came off the log he had been perched on and entered the water, rounded the bush and came to our boat.  YIKES, he is under the boat and he is every bit as long as the boat.  WOW.  Now I remember seeing wave runners a few miles back, you would have to be nuts to get in the water with this monster around here.  This guy was every bit of 14 feet long.  What a thrill.

What a cool beans day with great friends.  Thanks George and Mary, I can see why you come back here.

A few days later, it’s time for Downton Abbey again

George and Mary invited us to their camp for another day of fishing and another episode of Downton Abbey.


So we packed up and headed out about 2:00PM.  Shortly after we got there we’re in the boat and fishing.

wpid-20130113_152349.jpg 20130120_174103.jpg


It is a well established fish camp.


The place is like stepping back in time, back to a simpler time.  Really cool stuff and I feel very fortunate to be able to experience it.


Oh yea, the fishing – it was still rather slow but George did catch a nice mess of Crappie.  I guess the stories he had been telling me were true!  He gave me these as I had not even gotten a bite.  Thanks George.20130120_180450.jpg


Back in the channel headed for camp there were a few boats out floating the placid waters in the early evening.  What a great day on the water in January.  Sure beats the cold this time of year back up north.

A local factoid of interest

A recent article in a local paper had to do with the growing number of road kill bear cubs in the area.  Sad but true, it is very dark at night on the roads here.  Seems the population of bear is growing and so are the incidents of bear fatalities.  Not surprising except for the totals, a ranger was quoted as saying there will be en excess of 200 this year.  WOW a surprising number and what a shame!

Soon to be told

Our plan to hike the Yearling Trail and check out Juniper Springs is firming up.  That will be a great day with lots to tell about.  Stay aboard for the show.