Our personal preference in developed campgrounds is the type of setting found in the National Forests, National Parks, Corps of Engineers projects and State Parks.  An added bonus is the rich heritage often found in these places.  A great reminder of an era that provided so much of what we enjoy today and the folks before us that made this country so great.

Juniper Springs is a great example of the significant contribution made by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930’s.  Many of these facilities would probably be quite different today if it had not been for the circumstances of the late 1920’s and early 30’s coupled with the strong character and work ethic of the people of that time.


These folks did not sit home and wait for the check to arrive in the mail.  They went to work, $30.oo per month and $25.oo of that was sent home to help support the family.


We see a lot of these examples throughout our travels and have come to appreciate the major contribution made by the folks who were part of that great generation.  The stories of those folks, our grand parents and great grand parents should be told to our children and grand children more often than I suppose they are.  We may just take this stuff for granted a bit too much these days.

20130122_134740.jpg 20130122_135500_thumb.jpg

The Mill House provided electricity for the campground.  Now it is just for display.  Kind of ironic that this was a Green Project before Green Projects were in and now it is just a display and produces no power.





Juniper Springs is a really cool place here in the Ocala National Forest.  The Mill House was built to generate electricity for the facilities and the campground.  The spring (shown above) is a huge pool and has a concrete bench around the perimeter just below the water.  The end closest to the Mill House has a diving platform and the water depth looks to be more than 15 feet.  What a great swimming hole.

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It is awe inspiring that these structures are nearing 100 years old.


Turkeys, there were about 15 of them strutting around.20130122_134919.jpg

Of course there are reminders of the Gators
that could have you for lunch.20130122_134940_thumb.jpg


So we are reminded of how fortunate we are to have these fantastic places scattered out around this country.  We look forward to seeing much more as we travel and learn a little more of the areas we visit.

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