We have moved from our spot in the Ocala National Forest.  What a really cool place to spend some time.  Our intention was to be out west now but I am so glad we changed our plans and came to Florida.  We are ‘cooking’ a plan to come back sometime in the future.  Said it before but here it is again, Thanks George and Mary we had a great time we would have not come here if not for the insight you gave us.

Now let’s get up to date here.


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Driving on the beach – Feet in the Atlantic


Since Daytona Beach was only 30 miles from our camp, we felt it would be a regrettable thing to not have gone as far east as we could before heading west.  So we packed up and headed to the beach.

With a stop on the way at an Army Surplus store where a couple of treasures were found we finally arrived in the water.  Glad we went but wow did it confirm that I can really do without the congestion and population of the cities now days.  That happened rather quickly I think.

A day earlier we had hiked the Yearling Trail


This is about a five mile hike and we were able to take the dogs.  Yep Lil’ Pots did the whole thing except for about 150 yards when we carried him because he kept getting thorns in his feet.  Amazing.


Potsy the Trail Boss


Toby wanted to know how long till we get back to the truck?

DSCN2898.jpg DSCN2903.jpg

There are a few artifacts but not much.  The Cistern and not really an artifact but the Sink hole are notable stops along the way.  The Long family lived here at the turn of the century.  The Yearling Trail is a true story of a young boy (Jody Long) raising an orphan fawn as a pet and companion.  The book (The Yearling) by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings is a classic and the original movie was filmed on location about 50 years ago.  We found a copy of the book and I look forward to reading it.  Sounds like a story with qualities similar to Tom Sawyer.


Here is the family cemetery which was very interesting.  Some of these individuals died very young under harsh circumstances.

20130123_135302.jpg DSC00423.jpg

The family Plot and Sarah Long’s grave.

Almost forgot the trip to Blue Spring

20130115_150933.jpg 20130115_150843_thumb.jpg


I wish our trip to Blue Spring had turned out differently, we missed a lot.

It was the day parts were to be arriving for the computer repair.  We headed to Blue Spring since it was on the way.  The parts ended up being late and we did get to Blue Spring a bit later than we had planned.  When the call came that the parts were there, we had to go because there was only enough time to get there and have it fixed just before he closed shop for the day and I did not went to drive another 80 mile round trip for this.  Good thing as the diagnosis was wrong and it did not get fixed, I had to buy a new computer a few hours later.

The upshot is we did see Manatees at Blue Spring, there were three there.  We were told a week earlier there had been hundreds.  The warm weather had caused them to go back out.  When it gets cold they migrate to the spring which is a constant 72 degrees.  Our abbreviated tour was interesting and worthwhile even though we were not able to take in the entire boardwalk or see the inside of the Thursby House.  Lots of history here with a vibrant past that included large paddle wheelers.  We will just have to make this a stop on our route next time through.

Moving on to Lake Seminole

Well our time at Alexander Springs was coming to an end.  It was Friday AM and time to pack for the trip back north.  We planned a stop at a Wal-Mart, we just had not picked which one.

 image4.pngThe location ended up to be Lake City, FL.  We were not alone, shortly after we arrived, Jacob and Brenda pulled in in their 40’ Monaco Motor Home.  They are from British Columbia and had booked a one way flight to Florida to buy a Motor Home.  Turns out the one they came to see was not in as good of shape as Jacob expected and in their short search he found this beauty.  Quite a bargain and in great shape.  This was their second night in it.  They are heading back home with a few stops along the way.  Yuma, AZ for example.

20130126_074021-Jacob-Brenda_thumb.jpg 20130125_194253_thumb.jpg

It was a good nights sleep and a lot warmer than when we did this in Birmingham about a month ago.  Woke to a fairly thick fog so we drug our feet and had a few cups of coffee waiting for it to lift.  Finally we rolled and while there was some fog still around, visibility was about a half mile to a mile so not bad and it was soon gone.

20130126_082718.jpg 20130126_172027_thumb.jpg20130126_171924.jpgWe arrived a few hours before sunset and had a very smooth and relaxed set up.  We seem to be getting ‘our program’ established and the routine is becoming second nature.  Shortly after we were finished with the chore the sky started changing colors.  Not exactly spectacular but still a nice soft glow.

I did make a quick run to a nearby town for some minnows.  The Florida fishing license is honored here and I plan to use it.  The Bait shop was an interesting place.  They sold a variety of gear, clothing and tackle, knives etc.  There were a number of trophies hanging on the wall, mostly the usual, Deer, Fish and Birds.  They did have one specimen bagged here in the area and it may be related to Big Foot or something of the sort.  What do you think?


I think we are going to have a night light on out side the camper here.

Go ahead, leave a comment for what you think this is.  I will tell you who guesses it in about a week.

Settled in at Lake Seminole for a few days.