Seems like when you say the storm, very few people will be unaware of what you are referring to.  Not sure if I am just more aware now or if it has always been this way, big storms.


Waiting out the storm

Anyway, it is Wednesday and the STORM has us in a holding pattern.  We will stay here at Lake Seminole for an extra day.  Let the winds calm a bit.  Problem is what then?  Our reservations at Fort Pickens could be irrelevant due to a possible wash out of the road getting into the campground.  We will have to check that long before we get there, I think before we leave here.


Ft. Pickens Road, prone to being closed due to washouts.

When we were there the end of December, I was told it can be a real big deal and sometimes take days to re-open the road.  We’ll see what happens, regardless it will be fun to deal with the changes in plans and deciding on Plan A, B, or C.  Where will we be in two days??  Who knows.



Some very nice Truck Campers are our neighbors

While we wait for weather, I think it will be a good opportunity to head to the Chatahoochee Library for the WIFI connection.  It is a great Hi Speed connection, you never know when you will luck out and find it this good.  The Library in Astor, FL was painfully slow, sure wish we had been here when I was setting up this new computer.  Anyway we can get some large updates done now and get things buttoned up.  It will be hard to resist the great BBQ at the local BBQ Shack.  The Pulled Pork was huge and quite tasty.  We also had for the first time Sweet Potato Pie which was equally good.

The best BBQ in Chattahoochee, FL

20130128_133000 20130128_132950

This is about all of Chattahoochee, FL.  Quiet place, kind of frozen in time.

This is Apalachicola, I get the feeling things do not change very fast here.  While we were having our lunch the other day, I commented to Rhonda, it was probably much the same here 60 years ago as it is today.  Another cool place to be able to say ‘we have been there’.

So what now?

Sitting here looking out the windows, I believe we will luck out again and miss the brunt of the storm.  We are on the edge of it and two hours past when the local weather guesser said we were going to get something.  I think it would be best to head to the library and get things whipped into shape.

Blowin’ in the wind.