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No I don’t mean Walmart.  We stopped for a few supplies in Gulf Breese just before getting to Fort Pickens.


I mean the familiar Pensacola Beach and Fort Pickens area.

The drive from Chattahoochee to Pensacola.

The drive was great, what a difference a day can make.  Only mild wind and that was gone after the first few mile south west.

20130131_112932.jpg Destin-20130131_141240_thumb.jpg

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The topography changes along the way.  It started out with the rolling hills and an elevation of about 240’.  After a few miles the look started to become different.  Sandy and the tall trees were fewer, mostly low growing scrub.  The route was secondary roads as opposed to I-10.  The direction was south for the first half and west for the remainder.  The objective was to drive the gulf coast and soon we were at Sea Level.  We passed through Destin and Fort Walton Beach crossing a few of the long hi rise bridges that are built so huge ships can pass under without the need for a mechanical draw bridge.  These bridges connect the barrier islands.

The pictures do not come close to the real look of what these are.  We are going up in the left pic and down in the right, the rise to the hi point is about 150’.


Fort Pickens Road, the white sand looks like drifted snow.  The road did not wash out in the storm yesterday and we are rolling into our camp site with no problems.  The loop we chose for this stay is a bit tighter than our previous spot here and it took a few attempts to get situated on the pad the way I wanted to be.

Day TWO back at Ft. Pickens


I’d say we got situated pretty right on that spot.

We took a nearly 5 mile hike today.  Great to stretch the legs in the sun.  A light breeze helped keep us cool.

These steps to a gunnery remind me of Mayan Ruins.  Remains from WWll fortifications


Along the trail from the Fort to the Campground.  Pensacola Bay is in the far right.

image_thumb.pngA resident Armadillo behind our spot.



Love the history, but not so proud of what was dealt these people who deserved so much better.  Guess it is one of those, ‘YOU WOULD HAVE HAD TO HAVE BEEN THERE’ things.


Anyway, were here for the next couple of weeks soaking the sun.  Sorry to hear about all the snow and ice up north.  Around here, it’s been looking like spring as I know it.  Red Buds blooming, buds on trees.  Won’t be long and the Crappie will be hot and we will be slamin’ ‘em at Lake Bruin.  About a month earlier than back home.  WhooHa, my favorite time of the year.

Enjoying an ’early’ spring on the beach.