Well it did not take long and we caved to the pressure, we were back at Joe Patti’s for some fresh Seafood.  Still a busy place but not anything like the madhouse it was over the holidays.


Not long after that stop, we were having dinner.

These royal reds are so damned good your eyes will roll back in your head.  Thanks to our camp host friend Chuck, from New Orleans, for the tip in early January.  Chuck, we wish you were here to help us with this mess.  Yum Good!


We found out Jimmy was in town.

Jimmy Buffett was in town for a concert Tuesday.  It was a sell out and we did not even try to find tickets.  We did, however stop by the Margaritaville Beach Hotel and LandShark Tiki Bar.  It is right on the way to Fort Pickens and we pass it every time we leave or return.


Now THIS REALLY makes me feel like I am home.image.png

image.png image.png

image.png image.png

The LandShark Tiki Bar is a near duplication of the Loading Dock in Grafton, IL.  We have many good memories of friends and great times had on the Mississippi River in our past boating days.  Spent a good deal of time at the Loading Dock. It was easy to imagine some of our old friends being here. Of course the water and sand were quite different than in Grafton!  Oh those were the days and we had Jimmy on board for every outing!


Time does fly by.  A reunion after many years.

Well the time does pass rather quickly in this life and in this lifestyle.  Shortly after we had started this journey, Rhonda had re-connected with a couple of folks she had been friends/neighbors/co-workers with many years ago.  So a few emails and a few months later we were coordinating a get together.  The date was set for today and we met halfway between their camp and ours.  Yes the BIG SURPRISE was these folks are Full Time RV’ers also, in fact they have been for a number of years.  Dave and Susan it was great to make your acquaintance and I look forward to sharing a campfire with you soon.


Dave and Susan suggested The Point Restaurant.  The Food was excellent we were so busy visiting and eating, I missed getting pictures.  The Gals had salmon and Dave and I had amberjack.


They have been full time for many years and the list of rigs and types of rigs was nearly all inclusive.  Dave had some great tips to share and I look forward to picking his brain around that campfire this spring if we can make that happen.


A couple hours passed quickly and soon we all gathered outside for a group picture and hugs/handshakes.  See you guys again soon, be safe.

What is next, well I am sure we will be back to Joe Patti’s at least one more time and I know we will be going to the Naval Air Museum.  There was a lot we missed when we were there a month ago.  It is really tempting to jump into the surf since we will not be back to the ocean for a long time.  The water is still real cold, can I do it?  What ever we do, we need to get it done, time flies and we are only here till next Thursday.  Rain is in the forecast for 4 of the remaining 7 days we are here. We’ll see.

An update on Armadillos from a fellow Blogger


Before I got around to posting this entry I noticed Tiny Camper wrote up a detailed review of Armadillos.  Some information that is both interesting and valuable to know, Armadillos can spread Leprosy, check it out here.