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Rain, rain and…

 1 20130211_135456more rain.

1 20130211_135433The views from inside.

20130211_135413So we spent some time re-learning Canasta.  Rhonda beat me again.

So it has been a bit of a slower pace, vacuum the carpets and do the laundry.  Watch a bit of TV, read a book and watch the rain.  We did in door stuff like the Naval Air Museum the other day, (when the weather guesser said it would rain) and the sun was out most all day.  Go figure.  I am just glad and thankful all we are getting is rain and some gusty wind, so far the tornados have been far enough away to not have caused us any problems.

The Mardi Gras festivities do not seem to be dampened much at all.  The parades go on, we wimped out due to rain and the forecast for more and passed on going to see the parades.  The word is that the crowds are not as large as had been expected.  I guess we are not the only wimps around here.

Surfing the net or NOT

So some of my time has been spent trying to use the 2 Gig of data I buy from Sprint every month.  I have to repeat I have been TRYING to use some of the DATA I am paying for.  The phone shows three bars and has a solid 3g signal most of the time.  I still can not get a reliable and consistent connection.

So I decide to try to talk with someone at Sprint to see what they can say to help me understand the problem and more importantly, the fix.  The difficulty is that it takes a hell of a bunch of talking with a whole lot of individuals to get a handle on the equipment that will be the best solution.  Then after you talk to a hell of a bunch of people to try to determine why the results you get are not what you expect, you still need to do a good deal of research to weed out the meaningless crap.  It seems that there are very few that are trained very well and all of them talk more than they listen.  The result is you get a bunch of info and a lot of it is not related to a specific individual solution you’re trying to fix.  They also do not know how to relate their stuff to us FT’ers.  It they were trained well I would think they would ask questions and listen then and only if they have a handle on what you need would they start selling.  Nope, don’t work like that these days, the world has changed and not for the better.

I am aware of the Wilson signal boosters and the outside antennas and Millenicom WIFI service plans.  I have not been ready to jump in hopes there would soon be a better solution rolled out.  Timing is everything as they say and the timing seems to be now (soon) for a better solution.

There is a devise soon to be available that will be compatible with all carriers and take advantage of 4G LTE as well as being backward compatible to 2G.  It is the Wilson Cradle 4G Sleek #813426.  For us I believe the Trucker Antenna #301101 which will require the adapter #971119 all combined with the Novatel WIFI 4620LE from Millenicom will be our WIFI solution.  I know this stuff can be rather deep regarding technical specs and I have left all that out on purpose, but anyone with any experience with this equipment that can say yea or nay, comments would be appreciated.  The Sleek Cradle #815225 has been around a while, if it has worked well, I am sure the updated one will also.

Any comments on experiences with Wilson and Millenicom are welcome and would really be appreciated.

Anyway, I will continue to plod along for a couple more months and see how the new Wilson cradle rolls out.  Sure would be nice if the data plans would come down in cost a bit.  We will see.image_thumb.png


On to New Orleans in a few days.

Here is an update a day later.

It is now Wednesday and the day starts with partly cloudy skies.  I dump the tanks with the “Honey Badger”, my home made macerator pump.

Read more about it HERE.

Garbage Disposal, Macerator Pump.

Garbage Disposal, Macerator Pump.

The Honey Badger

barkermfg001002[1] pumping honey

pumping honey

The Honey Badger hard at work

As the morning turns into early afternoon, the clouds start to build a bit and guess what, yep, more rain.  Our earlier thoughts had us going back to Ft. Pickens to slowly tour all of it and leave the dogs here so we could.  With the grey skies and rain again, we became more sedentary and read books, watched TV and weather reports and basically vegged.  There will be very little packing to finish up in the morning and we plan to take it slow.  The travel for tomorrow will be about 130 miles west to a Wal-Mart for one night then early up and the remaining 100 or so miles to New Orleans.  We will be there for a short stay and then north to Lake Seminole for our March Camp host volunteer gig.

This past two weeks at Ft. Pickens has been ‘dampened’ with the rain.  Pun intended.  It is a real bummer because we know there could have been some good times around the campfires if the weather would have cooperated.  Our neighbors Karen and ED from Maine reached out a couple days before we left but neither of us could muster the energy to pull a plan together and the continued rain today did not help.  We will stay in touch however and like all of us FT folks, look forward to crossing paths again down the road.  Stay safe Karen and ED, it was nice to meet you.

I am sure we will have adventures to report from our next camp – stay tuned.  Some ideas are cooking but there will not be a lot of time there and I do not intend to over book.  So the mode will be that we wing it a bit.  We only have about two weeks till we are committed for a month, actually four months.  Kind of a guarded excitement starting to come over me.

Getting ready to roll.

But wait, there is more!

It is Valentines morning.  We are beginning the final prep for heading to New Orleans and there is a knock on the door.  Surprise, it is Karen and ED with heart shaped donuts, chocolate and strawberries.  Wow that was very thoughtful. We had a great visit and had a few cups of coffee.  It sure is a shame the weather got in the way and we were not able to spend a good few hours around the campfire.  That sure would have been a blast.  I am glad we met you Karen and Ed and we look forward to seeing you again soon.  Keep in touch.

It was such a surprise I failed to get any pictures, I have to work on that.


This is Karen and Ed’s rig parked next to us at Ft. Pickens.

Then we left and pushed on to New Orleans.  The traffic was pretty heavy as it was rush our as we were crossing the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain.  We made it to Bayou Segnette SP just after dark.  I’m tired.

Bye for now.  Stay safe.