We are here in New Orleans.


The State Park is Bayou Segnette and wow what a great choice this was.  Laundry, WIFI, big spacious sites, a wave pool during the season, and all of that is included.  So if you plan to be in the New Orleans area, this is a super place to stay.  Close to everything.

Playing tourist

Don’t really want to become tourists and go to the traps, but here, everything is somewhat of a trap.  Be ready for a budget busting good time in New Orleans.

First we took a day trip to see some plantations and pass through the countryside during our day trip.  We say a couple of plantations and had a great time learning some of the history of the area.  First was the Laura a Creole Plantation.  Absolutely fascinating and a great presentation by our guide Joey.  The Plantation was built in 1805 and has a very rich history, the family story was very captivating.  Turns out Laura lived to be over 100 years old and lived most of her adult life in St. Louis.  She passed away in the mid ‘60s.  Think of the things she saw in that lifetime.  She wrote a book about her memories of the plantation.  We bought the book and it includes a bunch of additional information Laura did not know.  The folks who run the plantation have really done a great job of digging up the history.  There are a great number of buildings and restoration is ongoing, but some of the slave quarters are still in tact and one was actually lived in till 1977.

Here are some pictures, it is not what you would expect to see when you hear ‘Plantation’.


20130217_132142.jpg 20130217_1414261.jpg

20130217_1443001_thumb.jpg 20130217_1443191_thumb.jpg

Slave quarters

20130217_1508066.jpg 20130217_150752_thumb.jpg 20130217_150756.jpg 20130217_150816_thumb.jpg

Next was Oak Alley and this place is the Gone with the Wind variety.  Simply beautiful.  A very different lifestyle on these two properties.  They were only about 5 miles apart!  The Oak trees were about 300 years old and expected to live to be over 600!  Quite a bit of work was underway here also, reconstruction of the slave quarters was underway and the detail was exact.  Hinges and other hardware required was being fabricated in the blacksmith shop on the property.  Very cool stuff.


20130217_1158181.jpg 20130217_1218061.jpg

20130217_1220341.jpg 20130217_1221371.jpg

Rebuilding Slave cabins at Oak Alley



In the next few days we headed to the French Quarter.  Rode a ferry which only cost a buck!!  Ate lunch and had a drink and made up for the low cost ferry ride.


Hard to believe it was over 30 years ago when I was here last.  Café Du Monde sure is a bit more upscale than it was back then.  Can you believe this coffee shop was here since the early 1860s.  We spent about 5 hours walking the French Quarter.  Saw a courtyard as we drove by looking for a parking spot.  I saw three statues of the legends, one of course was Al HirtAl Hirt was here thirty years ago and would show up randomly in his club and play his horn.  I was blown away when I asked three different folks where his club was and what it was today, none knew!!!  We never did find it and could not find the courtyard with the statues either.  This is a mesmerizing place for sure.

A few random shots from the French Quarter

20130218_154941_thumb.jpg 20130218_155100.jpg

20130218_1411551.jpg 20130218_141205.jpg




We are here for a couple more days, good thing too.  We discovered a fish market at the end of the canal very close to the campground.  I think it is calling us to get over there tomorrow!  We may be staying a few more days past our original plan.  There are thunderstorm warnings for the day we had planned to travel.  We’ll see what happens and make a plan.

Stay tuned.