A couple of days ago we were thinking about staying for a little longer than the original plan.  The weather forecast had the possibility of strong thunderstorms and once again it looked like we would be on the fringe of the area if we just sat tight.  We firmed the decision the next day and are here now through Saturday AM.

Let’s go do something

With a bit of quick research we found an interesting spot on the map and the route would take us a little further into the delta.


The route had us taking a ferry across the Mississippi and ultimately back into the French Quarter.  Sign me up.

We packed up the Dogs and headed out.  Along the route we found the location where fellow bloggers and former full timers Kristy and Chris were and stopped by for a quick visit.  I did it again, or should say did not do it again.  No pictures, we were so focused on the introductions and hearing how they are doing, I forgot pictures.  To see what they are up to check them out here.  It was nice to meet you and it sure looks like you will enjoy where you are.  Have fun.

Our next stop was a very interesting spot on the map.

The community of St. Bernard has a very rich and interesting history.  St. Bernard was founded in 1779.  There is a Museum Complex consisting of a growing number of actual historic buildings that are being relocated to the property.  Read about it here.


20130220_142411.jpg20130220_142334.jpg 20130220_144557.jpg

20130220_142526_thumb.jpg 20130220_142419_thumb.jpg


The buildings are THE REAL DEAL.  Sure is great that this is being preserved, a variety of factors have contributed to a way of life that is now gone forever.

Continuing the tour

…we head back to the French Quarter.


Fats Domino, Al Hirt and Pete Fountain.

This setting is where you will find Café Beignet and the folks here know a bit of the history others were oblivious to earlier in the week.  We were told Pete Fountain still performs on occasion at one of the local hotels.

Turns out Al Hirts place from the ‘80s and prior was at 501 Bourbon street.  Interestingly enough we were there the other day 501 Bourbon Street – had a slice of pizza and a Daiquiri.  There was absolutely no hint of the past use of the space and we are talking about AL Hirt who was once referred to as being synonymous with New Orleans.  Guess I’m just getting to be an old fart but seems like there would be more of a tribute.

20130220_174439.jpg 20130220_174946_thumb.jpg

We stopped for lunch and Rhonda had Raw Oysters.  I had a shrimp PoBoy.  We finished it off with a slice of Pecan Pie.


The Fish Market

The next day we headed to the fish market.  Just a short drive past the gate of the campground and there is a great spot for fresh seafood.


20130221_142007_thumb.jpg 20130221_142046_thumb.jpg

These vendors are right at the end of a canal where the boats are docked.  Some of the daily catch is sold through these stands.  We shopped, and had a feast.

20130221_182941.jpg 20130221_193645_thumb.jpg

Yum that was good.

So as our time here in New Orleans nears the end, we look forward to the new camp and time we will spend at Lake Bruin.  We sure have had fun here and could have spent much more time here than we have.  I guess we will make this a stop on our way back to Florida in a couple of years.

Potsy update


Spoiled rotten, laying on the couch being hand fed.  Still no substantial weight gain.  He always has been like a wind up toy, either 100% on or 100% off.  100% off is under a blanket taking a nap, he does that a lot but he always has.


Taking it easy in the Big Easy.