We left New Orleans and headed for Lake Bruin.  Pictures from the truck just don’t get it so I will try to describe what we saw.

It was a long drive through Louisiana and a beautiful wetland environment.  The highways were elevated on concrete pilings for a good long way.  We saw cabins built on stilts over the water and boats parked below them.  After some time we were crossing the Mississippi state line and things began to change.  We were in rolling hills and the terrain was looking like the familiar hills of central Missouri.  I checked the GPS at one point and we were 330ft above sea level.  Then we saw a bridge ahead and knew it would be the Mississippi river, sure enough it was.  We were headed down hill.  A few minutes later I checked the GPS Again and we were at 34ft above sea level and we were back in Louisiana.  As we drew closer to Lake Bruin, the historical markers were popping up frequently.  There are a great many Plantations that were here and a few that still are.  Many of those are between here and Natchez so I am sure we will be able to check them out.

It turned out to be a good day for travel and we saw some really neat country through Louisiana and Mississippi.  Glad we delayed the trip.  Soon we rolled into St. Joseph, LA and on to Lake Bruin.  WOW.


This was our temporary site till the current host leaves, we thought in a week.  No turns out they had a family situation that required them to leave the next day.  So the temp spot is more temp than we thought.  We got settled and walked around to stretch from the long drive.


And before we knew it, the day was done.

We wake to a beautiful blue sky20130224_112923.jpg

The next morning, just after the host left we moved to the site they left vacant.  We were soon leveled and ready for what the next month will bring.

I am amazed at how nice this park is.



Check out the fish cleaning station;




All we need now is for the temps to warm a bit and the Crappie will be non stop.  This is going to be hard to take.

That is not all, there is a swimming beach and a mini water park for the kids.  Shower houses and laundry are very nice.  Really a first class place.

There are a number of historically significant things to see in the area.  We plan to explore a lot of it and hope to have some interesting stuff to post here.  Obviously there is a bunch of Civil War history.  Can’t wait.

Stay tuned.