Monday Day 1

Teri came over early and introduced herself.  Teri is our point of contact for all things day to day.  Drew is the park manager.  As with the campground the maintenance shop and equipment is quite impressive.  Well organized, neat and orderly.  We were assigned our Gator, the 6 wheel John Deer diesel utility vehicle.  Schooled on operation of the lawn mowers, blowers, log splitter etc.  The tractor will have to wait due to hydraulic hose repairs yet to be completed.  Consistent with the times we live in, there was a mountain of paperwork showing that we had been shown how to operate the equipment and forms for tracking hours/miles of daily usage.  I say a mountain and admit that is an exaggeration, but it was what it was.  Gone forever are the simpler days of a simple handshake and the attitude of let’s just gett’er done.

Soon it was time for lunch and Rhonda and I rode back to camp for a bite to eat.  Then I was ready for action and using the leaf blower was going to be job 1.  Tried to start it and flooded the darned thing, pulled the plug and blew air into the cylinder and finally got it started.  Headed back to the campground from the shop and the sky opened up.  I turned around and took the blower back to the shop and back at camp covered the Gator with a blue tarp.  Took a shower and here I am, writing this blog and watching it pour buckets outside.  Tomorrow will be another day and Tuesday so, plenty of time to get our contribution done before the weekend.

1 20130225_161430

So we wait.

On the topic of fun stuff


In this picture of the sunset the night we arrived here, the truck and camper shown belongs to a young couple with small children.  Easy to have introductions while walking the dogs.  The girls wanted to pet the boys and of course the boys were very eager to accommodate.  Keith the father was given a black lab as a gift from his wife and the girls.  The Lab is about a year old and still full of energy.  We exchanged information and Keith wants to take us on a tour of Natchez and out to dinner.  We are going to have Mud Bugs (Crawfish) one night this week.  I think it will be easy to make friends here.

Another camper couple were packing to leave on Tuesday and dropped off about 10lbs of filets.  Said the fishing was slow and they were heading out.  They are used to catching much more than what they have been and will come back when it warms up.  WOW the fish was good, we cooked some and froze most.


Now it’s Wednesday

Blue sky & sunshine.  We are ready to get some stuff done so we head out early with the gator and pick up sticks.  After three loads dumped about 2 hours have passed and it is time for lunch.  We decide to check on which sites will be occupied and when so we can be sure to have those spruced up when campers get here.  The one site that was supposed to be occupied later today really needed attention, there were hundreds of Gum Balls covering the site.  We made short work of collecting those and it took a surprising three dump loads to rid the one site of Gum Balls.

Keith and I were texting most of the afternoon and at 3:00 he came over and picked us up.  Keith took us on a drive through Natchez and we toured the City Cemetery.  This is where the famous Turning Angel ‘resides’.

In close proximity to the City Cemetery was a veterans cemetery, bunches of unknowns from the civil war are here.  Mind bending to see the numbers of those.1 20130227_175041

2 20130227_17504120130227_174814


We saw a number of Antebellum homes and Plantations.  Here is one we caught just as the sunset had it enveloped in a soft red glow.


We headed over to Roux 61 for Mud Bugs.  It is just now at the start of the season and wow they were good.  My first taste of Crawfish.


This was a super way to get a glimpse of some of the stuff to see and do in Natchez, thank you Keith for taking the time to show us around.  We will be getting together again soon for fish and a campfire at our place.

So stay tuned, we have a great number of adventures ahead.  After this weekend the pace of our fun time adventures should pick up.  It is much better to be a tourist when everyone else is working, not on the weekends.  Also as the weather warms here I am told we will be seeing gators.  Just need to be sure none of us gets eaten by one!