Tobey is begging.  He puts on his long face and starts whining.  He is getting used to the daily long walks around the campground.  He is developing his own routine and becoming quite demanding.

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So shortly after we did our morning walk it was time to get a few hours of Camp Host duties taken care of for today.


Rhonda seems to like using the blower.  I get to rake and shovel, haul and dump.  After a few hours we needed to go to town and get the mail, do a little shopping and call it a camp host day.


The Main street in St. Joseph, LA.  Easy to imagine horses and buggies here.  So it went the rest of the week.  We had the campground to ourselves for about three days, then checked to see which sites were reserved so we could focus on those before campers rolled in.  Before long is was the end of the week, temps took a dive and we stayed in most of Sat and Sun as it was simply uncomfortable to be outside.

Monday rolled around and we were off to Vicksburg, MS

This is the site of the first Coca-Cola bottling plant from 1894.




If walls could talk.  The light fixtures in the foreground are gas and look to be in the same spot they have been located in since they were installed, many years ago.


The first Coca-Cola bottling plant.


There was a ton of Coca-Cola collectible items.  Saw a Coca-Cola Barbie doll in the box, not sure how much that was worth but I am confident it was a bunch.

20130304_130436 20130304_125735

On to Civil War history

In the old train station there is a diorama depicting the battle of Vicksburg.


This is a great place to go before you go to the National Military Park which is the site of the siege of Vicksburg.

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The majority of these graves are unknowns.  Quite a sight to see and when you do, it really brings home the magnitude of it all.  Very thought provoking to be standing on the ground where these folks made the ultimate sacrifice.

Civil War Ironclads on the Mississippi

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At the north end of the park is the USS Cairo Gunboat and Museum.  This truly fascinating.  She lay in the river for 101 years and thanks to the mud that encased the artifacts, many items remain in the same condition as the day the Cairo went down.  The museum has hundreds of items on display.


That was a full day and we did not get to all of it.  Vicksburg has so much to offer, historic homes, much more in the way of Civil War Museums to take in etc.  I am sure we will be headed back there a few times before we leave the area.

Stay tuned, week 2 at Lake Bruin has just begun.