Sweet Gum trees are good trees to have except for the Gum Balls.  There are only a few of these in the park but wow they command a lot of time and attention, IF the goal is to collect the Gum Balls.  We raked and hauled about three loads from one site two weeks ago and today it does not really look like it had been touched.  The park needs one of those pull behind rakes with a hopper.  Drew, the campground manager, says he will look into getting one.  Anyway we have done a variety of tasks here and it is obvious the Gum Balls will require ongoing attention.

We really like the relaxed atmosphere of hosting so far.  It is becoming obvious that we need to schedule a bit more hiking to ward off the extra pounds that could stack up.  In other words, the job does not cause one to work up much of a sweat.  It is great being outside and enjoying the season changing.  Most of the trees are starting to bloom, buds are popping and green is beginning to show.


This is what it looked like all week so when Friday rolled around…


The campground started filling up.

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Leon and Cathy through the side window

This is a shot of new friends Leon and Cathy.  They return for a few days every other week.  We gathered at their campsite around the campfire and had a great time visiting and getting to know each other.

Sunday rolls around

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…and the rains came, campers packed and headed out ahead of the storm.  We had a few minutes to quickly dress the vacated campsites and whip them into shape before getting wet.

As I passed by the sites where we had gathered Gumballs on Friday, I see a surprising accumulation already, whew I will be glad to not see more of these for a while.

I keep looking for the gator that is said to live in a slough near the entrance of the park, but as yet no sign of him.  One of the campers said they saw a good sized snake in that same area.  There are a bunch of snakes here and many of them are the dangerous kind, it is time to start being VERY careful in the bush.

So there it is, a short recap of how things go camp hosting.  I can’t believe we now going on week three here.  Time sure does fly by.

We are planning for a tourist day tomorrow, (Monday) so stay tuned, I am sure there will be some more interesting things to report on then.

Had to get back here to update

The rain continues, it sounds really cool hitting the roof.  A look outside, (too dark for a good picture now) reveals a number of ‘lakes’ in the low spots in the campground.  The park is soaked.  One motorhome rolled in so we are here with one other camper.

Toby is the big bad Doberman, there are parks that will not allow us entry because he is not a poodle or something else.  He is scared of the storm and weather not withstanding, he rarely will go to bed alone if the light is not on!  What a wuss, so tonight he is whining to go outside in the storm, gee he must really need to go.  It was a quick trip and when he came in, he needed to be dried off, demanded it.  Here he is in all his pathetic glory.

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