The weather has been great except for the one night of rain Sunday.  Forecast is for continued warming and sun right up to Easter.  YEA.

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Potsy is on the lookout for the gator that is said to be living in the slough at the entrance of the park.

Tourist day 2 in Vicksburg, MS

Camp hosting chores are all caught up so Wednesday AM we head back to Vicksburg.  I have been following the adventures of Nick Russell, The Gypsy, for a couple of years.  He is always informative and often entertaining.  I had read in Nicks Blog that he and Miss Terry were in Vicksburg and emailed to see if we would be able to meet.  It looked like we were going to be getting together for lunch but Wednesday AM Nick emailed and asked if we could do a rain check as he and Miss Terry were not feeling well.  We hope you guys are feeling better soon and sure hope our paths can cross sometime.  Enjoy Vicksburg, there is a lot to see and do.

There is so much to see here that I believe you could fill a week and not see it all.  We chose to pass on the large historic homes since we will be going to Natchez again and those will be our focus there.  So we headed to the Lower Mississippi River Museum and the Old Court House Museum


M/V Mississippi IV and The Old Court House Museum

The Old Court House Museum is quite literally STUFFED with history.  Of course much of it Civil War related and fascinating.  The building was constructed using skilled slave labor and completed in 1860.  Jefferson Davis launched his political career and on July 4 1863 the Stars and Bars were lowered and the Stars and Stripes were raised as General U S Grant reviewed his victorious army.  In 1939 the building was vacated and a new courthouse took it’s place.  Unbelievable that there was talk of demolition.  Mrs. Eva Whitaker Davis came to the rescue and the museum opened in 1948.  The history is very interesting and as I said it is literally STUFFED with history.

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I was surprised that in the gift shop you could buy actual Civil War relics, bullets, guns, bayonets, etc., not reproductions the real thing.  There must just be tons of it still in the ground here in this part of the country.

River History

The Lower Mississippi River Museum is an outstanding facility.  There are two parts of this great attraction and did I say admission is FREE.  The interpretive center has a lot of varied information ranging from travel on the river by native Americans thousands of years ago and how travel and the river have changed through modern times.  The interpretive center is one of the best I have ever seen.  There is also quite a bit of local history represented as Vicksburg is a center of operations for river management by the Corps of Engineers.

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The other part of the facility is the decommissioned M/V Mississippi IV which is really really cool.


The M/V Mississippi IV

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You can go through every inch of the vessel and believe me, you will really enjoy your time on board.  This boat was the first Diesel powered COE work boat.  It was not that long ago.  Man it really makes me think of how old I am getting to be.  There were Steam powered COE boats working the river when I was a kid!!!  The stuff on board this vessel which was Decommissioned April 8, 1993, was considered hi tech then, seems like yesterday.

We really enjoyed our second day knocking around Vicksburg.  It is hard to believe we are just about half way through our time here at Lake Bruin.  There is more to see and do here and I guess we better get busy.

We will so stay tuned.