Here we are, Saturday again.  How does that happen, seems like time flies when you are not in a routine and everyday is an adventure.


Early in the week the campground was pretty empty, then Thursday came around.  Five campers traveling together came in and livened the place up right away.  After them a steady stream followed and now, Saturday it is a bustling place.  There are kids in almost every direction and dogs too.  One camper has a Chi-Weenie, (a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) it is a really neat looking pup.

I will try to get a picture and add it later.

Chi-wennie update


This is Gypsy.  Ironic huh?

image.png image_thumb.png

Gypsy looks like a happy camper.


This guy reminds me of RV Sues’ two pals.  I don’t think he is quite as well behaved though.

One fella came in and decided he wanted a different spot than what he had reserved.  That is no big deal except the site was loaded with Sweet Gum Balls and we had not gotten there yet.  I asked him if he wanted me to wipe it clean and yes was the answer.  So that is what we did.  I talked with him and suggested he also consider piling a few into his fire ring as they burn hot as coal.  Would make a great base of coal for a cook out.  I have been promoting the idea all week but have not yet seen anyone try it out.  (Surprise)

Cooking with GUMBALLS

So today I am thinking about what is for lunch, Ahhh, time to try it out.  Boneless butterfly pork chop sandwich sounds good.  I gathered a bucket of gumballs and light the grill.

It worked quite well, the only thing I could have done differently was to have more gum balls to slowly feed the fire.  At first they flamed and then glowed like charcoal.  To sustain a fire for more than my one pork chop, more coals may have been needed.  Regardless, it worked quite well and the pork chop sandwich was very good.  I don’t think this will be a regular activity unless we don’t have ready access to a bag of coal and do have a sweet gum tree close by.

A few days ago, I mentioned that main street St. Joseph, LA looked like an old wild west town.  Late this week I needed to make a trip to the post office…


For a minute I felt like I had just entered The Twilight Zone.  Kind of expected to see a white shirt with black armband step up to the window.  When I escaped back to the street, the truck was still there so I was significantly relieved that everything was still ‘normal’.

We had our first real FANTASTIC campfire night of the season.  The ambient temp was in the mid 60’s and the sky was a clear star filled bonanza.  Whoo-haaa now that is MY kind of campfire atmosphere.

The reports are that fishing is starting to be productive.  I may have to get that permit and try to catch a few crappie soon.

So as of week three camp hosting, it is all fun.  We are caught up and relaxing a bit today.  Meeting some really nice folks camping here and taking pride in seeing them enjoy a bit of R&R here in the sites we have dressed out.  We also can’t help but chuckle a bit on Sunday when the unfortunates have to go back to work and we get to stay and play.

Fun and games in Louisiana.