St. Patrick’s Day

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We were able to pull together corned beef and cabbage but it sure would have been better if we would have thought of the Corned Beef when we were in Vicksburg last week.  Not much of a chance to get good stuff here in St. Joseph, LA.  It worked though.  Sunday was a beautiful day.

We look around and wow, the trees are making shade, cool beans.  That was coming but now the difference is very dramatic and seems to have happened overnight.  I’ll take it, this is my favorite time of year.

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The day passes quickly as we gather and burn more gumballs.  The reservations list shows the park steadily filling with the culmination of twenty two arrivals on Friday.  We hope to have the place in ship shape by then.

Then day gives way to evening.  Another beautiful sunset at Lake Bruin SP.

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So we built a small campfire on the first PERFECT warm, star filled night of the year.  Truly a great way to end the day.


On Monday it’s time for a little touristing…

Winter Quarters Plantation is a few miles from Lake Bruin, so we head there to check it out.  A few years ago the plantation suffered damage from a tornado and repairs are underway to restore the structure.  The furnishings and artifacts are stored in a facility in Natchez.

Used by union troops prior to the siege of Vicksburg, Winter Quarters is the only survivor of fifteen plantations that once were part of this area.  General Sherman had ordered everything not needed by Union Troops destroyed thus was the fate of the other majestic plantations that once were here.

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It was really neat to see the work being done to preserve such a significant part of our history.  Maybe when we are here in the future it will all be back together again.

New friends invite us to dinner and the campfire


You really do meet some of the nicest folks in this lifestyle.  Ricky and Tina invited us to join them and some friends for dinner last night.


Donnie, Martha and Izzie

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We are having pigs in a blanket roasted over the open fire.  Tina demonstrates: spray pam onto the wooden dowel rod.

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Then you wrap a couple of biscuits onto the rod forming what will be the bun.  Looks like Kenny and Danielle have it down pretty good.

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Now there is some production going on, 6 hot dogs at a time, we better get more buns ready.

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Gaylyn & Robert are getting ready to eat.  Jeff is getting his ready with a bit of help from Tina.


This is the finished product, and yes they were great.  You can fill the ‘bun’ with condiments and then add the hot dog.  We had chili and all the typical stuff, mustard, catsup etc.  It was a super fun way to have a weenie roast.

Shortly after we finished cooking and eating, the sun went down, the fire came up and Kenny got out his guitar and played some Swamp Pop.  Kenny has a band and his talent was quite apparent.  It was a very nice time and we are glad to have had the opportunity to meet these great folks and to have been included in the party.  Thank you Ricky and Tina.

So here we are rapidly approaching our return to Missouri.  We have the balance of this week and next then heading north.  The plan is to go to Natchez for a bit of exploring but we will need to be sure of which day we should go.  It seems there are a number of businesses that are closed on Mondays, we need to do some quick research.

Stay tuned, more to come.