I’ve said it before and it continues to amaze me that time really does fly by in this life style.  One would think the slower pace, fewer demands on your time, being able to pick what, when and where you are doing what ever you do would make for a higher consciousness of the passage of time.  Well that is not the case.

Campers everywhere!



As Friday approached the campground filled up.  The weather forecast shows possible thunderstorms with some being severe.  Campers still roll in, some are even in tents which is normally not much of a surprise except that folks started talking about the threatening weather two days before it was predicted to be affecting us.  Well as often happens, the weather guessers over shot their mark.  We got some rain and a bit of moderate wind.  Now it is Sunday and we see blue sky.  A bit cold for what we have become accustomed to but what the heck, the sun is back out.

Campers come and campers go

Leon & Cathy have been here every other week since we arrived the last week of February.  Leon works off shore and the rotation is every other week.  Their attack dog Millie kept things on the straight and narrow.  It was super to meet you and we look forward to our trails crossing again in the future.

After a quick drive around the campground we realize that Ricky and Tina are only here one more night.


When the wind calms a bit this evening, we will head down and see if they want to join us for a fire.  We have met some really nice folks here for sure.

So as the sun sets

With only one week left here we are getting busy researching things to see and do in Natchez.  Most likely will be some of the grand old homes from the civil war era.  We are undecided on which day to go, probably will be Tuesday.  After that we will be packing and rolling north.  As I write this and look out the window at the partly cloudy sky and notice the temp outside is 60 degrees, I shutter to think it is snowing in St. Louis.  Man I hope it warms a bit before we get there.

Thanks to our readers for joining us and coming along for the ride.  Your comments are very welcome and I will try to answer each one.

Much more to come, stay tuned.