It was our last morning coffee with Teri, our mentor and friend.  Terri is a key member of the park staff at Lake Bruin.  We had planned to have a BBQ for Teri and Joe but as luck would have it, Teri was under the weather for a couple of days just before we had to leave.  Sure hope you are feeling better soon.  We owe you a BBQ next time around Teri & Joe.  Thank you for all your guidance and friendship.  We look forward to seeing you again down the road.


It was a heavy fog Monday morning so the packing was not rushed.  We left about an hour later than planned, not too bad.


Site 31, the Gum Ball magnet.  We shot a picture of the Gum Balls at Site 31 as we were leaving, this looks very much the same as when we arrived 5 weeks ago.  Just imagine what it would look like if we had not raked and burned them about four times while we were there.  Good bye Gum Balls.

When we made it to the interstate, close to Jackson, MS. the day turned to GREAT.  You could not ask for a better day to get a few miles behind you and that is what we did.  After about 250 miles we were at the first planned stop on the way to Meramec State Park.  Wal-Mart in Batesville, MS.

20130401_181037_thumb.jpg 20130401_181053.jpg

There were five RVs there for the night.  Thanks Wal-Mart for the convenience and security.  Among a number of benefits of an overnight stay at Wal-Mart is the time savings, we wake, get ready to roll very fast and get a cup of coffee and a bite of breakfast and roll.  Departure time approximately 8:00AM.

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As we made our way north the trees began to look very wintery.  Roll the spring clock back about three weeks.  The predominant flat land was now becoming predominantly rolling hills.  Soon we were in very familiar country, street names were reminding us that we were back ‘home’.

After a few hours we had passed the planned second Wal-Mart stop and decided to go all the way.  We felt we could get there before dark and since that was the case, we would go for it, 400 miles later we were set up at Meramec SP.  Woops, the forecast has temps predicted top be in the mid 20s overnight.  The Water is not on!!!  I was looking forward to a hot shower.  So our set up included a run to the dump station to fill the 25 gallon tank in the truck and pump that into the 5er.  Not a real big deal except that it was COLD and I had not expected to have to do that.  Ya’ just have to be flexible and roll with the flow.  The key is to be prepared so that in those situations you are not thrown a major curve ball that gets you in a tailspin.  Add an hour to the set up and I was in the shower.  Heaters on and we are ready for some catch up sleep.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Buddy and Tami, Leon and Cathy, Ricky and Tina, Keith and the park staff, Mr. Benny, Cameron, of course Terri and Joe, Betty, Alayne, and Drew the park manager.  We really enjoyed meeting all of you folks.  Let’s try to stay in touch and make our paths cross when we can.

Safe travels and happy camping.