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We rolled into our spot a day early and exhaled.  It was great to have a day to relax after the 600+ mile trip to get here.  Phil & Susan came over to help us understand procedures and responsibilities as camp hosts here at this park.  They have been hosting here for a number of years.  We met a couple of years ago when we were just weekend camping and they have become good friends.

On Thursday we trained under the direction of Phil and Susan, wow there is a lot to remember.  Security codes for three different key pads, a key ring with about 20 keys, various forms for checking in guests, the new (to us) computer system.  I think we will get it pretty fast but the initial exposure to the number of details is somewhat intimidating.

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Friday thru Monday AM we had company.  Two of our six children and two of our six grandchildren came to visit.  Stacey and Stephanie with Eli and Kayleigh.  We had not been together for at least 6 months and Stacey lives in Tucson, AZ.  It was great to be together and have some fun.  This was our first attempt at the weenie roast and buns cooked over the campfire like Ricky and Tina showed us in Louisiana.  I made up the sticks and they worked quite well.  Use a 1” wooden dowel, and a 1/2” dowel for the handle.  Spray Pam on the 1” dowel and wrap biscuit dough to form a tubular bun.  Cook till golden brown over the fire.  Then you add the condiments and insert the hot dog.  A fun way to fix dinner.  Buddy reminded me there is a term for these, Pigs in a blanket, it’s hell getting old, I knew that just could not think of it.  Thanks Buddy.

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Monday morning came around and by mid morning we were back to us and the dogs.  There was plenty to do because of our ‘friends’ at Sprint and failed caulk on the side walls of the 5er.  Sprint tech support caused me big problems when I called and told them my location and the problem I was having receiving calls.  Most incoming calls went directly to voice mail and the phone did not ring.  Sprint tech tells me I need to do a factory re-set.  Everything goes downhill from there.  If they had listened to me when I said I was in a remote area, all this could have been avoided.  I should have known better except that I could very reliably make outgoing calls.  There was no indication that anything was wrong except incoming calls were consistently going to voice mail.  I do assume some of the responsibility but still feel like the quality of service from Sprint and others has really gone down hill and continues to deteriorate.  I could go on about the “I remember when things were…” but it just makes me sound like my grandpa so I will try to refrain.  The failed caulk was a result of a trusted RV dealer telling me to use the wrong stuff.  Typical from the RV dealers.  I have found that if you want it done right, do it yourself if possible and research manufacturers not RV Dealers.  I may write a more in depth post on this at some point but for now, let’s say that Pro-Flex RV Sealant is a great solution for any vertical sealing requirement on your camper or motor home.  The application and tooling was easy and clean.  Adhesion was very good compared to anything else I have used to date.


Also our internet connection has been spotty so there has been a delay in communicating that way also.  Seems to be back up now, so we will hope for the best.  I am still holding out for latest and greatest Wilson repeater and some kind of MIFI, probably Millenicom.

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So here are a couple of shots from here at Meramec SP.  There will be a lot more to come.  This park has something for everyone.  Canoe rental, cabins, hotel and conference center and much more.  Many of the buildings and park improvments are thee result of work done by the CCC back in the late 20’s and 30’s.  Very interesting buildings and history.  The leaves are now starting to show some green.

Stay tuned, more to come.