One of our neighbor camp hosts here at Meramec SP.  The Cedar Tree broke in half and ended up on their trailer.  Luckily they were not hurt.

I had been watching the Weather Chanel and checking the interactive maps.  There were storm warnings and I knew it would be close and fast around 10:00PM.  Sure enough but it was about 45 minutes early.  We were inside the 5er and could hear the wind and rain, a bit of thunder and a very short burst of pea sized hail.  That is when I believe the damage occurred.  Soon (within about 15 minutes) things began to calm and the storm became just a steady rain.

Phil, our camp host mentor and friend stopped by to check on us and the two neighbors on our loop.  He said the power could be out for a while there had been a severe wind event in Sullivan.  We soon went to bed to the sound of the patter of rain on the roof.  Easy sleeping.  Toby even relaxed and was soon snoring.

We did not know till morning just how close it had come.

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The power was still out and I needed to make a run for gas for the generator.  The park roads were blocked by downed trees.  I had to take the dirt road which was a really neat drive, out of the park.  There are 9 camping units here in the park.  Only one had damage from the tree falling on it, however there were plenty of trees down in very close proximity to most of them.  I believe we were largely protected by the hills at the southwest perimeter of the campground.  I was told the wind was 102 MPH and if that is the case, we were definitely protected by the topography.


This is the view from the dining window or our rig.  The center of the picture is looking in a southwest direction, (where the wind/storm came from).  Many of the downed trees are just up the hill over a crest just to the left of the center of this picture.  Past that there is much more damage concentrated in the day use area on the down hill side facing southwest.

As I write this post, the power is still not back on and we are running on propane and the generator.  The temps dropped quite a bit and we’re glad to be unscathed, warm and safe here in the 5er.  A good day to read a book, which is what think I am going to do now.

Riding out the storm.