To start this post it feels like I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the great job Rhonda did in recapping our first 6 months.  There were so many great pictures and memories, I could never have gotten it done, I would have become too wordy and had too many pictures.  Great job Rhonda.

Phil had a few suggestions that worked well when I was making the Sticks.  We invited Phil & Susan and Rich and Mary to join us for dinner.  We are getting better with the Pigs N Blankets.  Rhonda shows Rich and Phil how it’s done.20130414_171434_thumb.jpg

With the guys cooking ‘blankets’ the gals take a few minutes to discuss,,, gal stuff?  I at some point realized we did not have any hot dogs in the fire, minor detail hugh?


Seems like Rhonda was getting a few lessons on sign language from Susan.

20130414_180829.jpg 20130414_180833.jpg

With those skills perfected she quickly tells me to read between the lines.  All I asked was where are the hot dogs.


Rich and Mary are new to the crew of Camp Hosts here and they start next Wednesday.  They are Full Timers and just passed the 1 year mark.

20130414_175113.jpg 20130319_185733.jpg

Once again, the Pigs N Blankets are a success.  Good fun and good eats.

20130414_180932.jpg 20130414_182100.jpg

Phil and Susan treated us to desert.  They have a couple of those Roman Cast Iron Pie irons for cooking great sandwiches and treats on the fire.  this was a great dovetail to the Pigs n a blanket.  Many of you already know this, but for those who do not, you butter two pieces of bread, add filling, close the pie iron and place it into the fire.  Turn once and after a few minutes you should have a great treat.  We had cherry pie filling, marshmallows, toll house chocolates and peanut butter.  The possibilities are endless, try apple pie filling and have the ice cream handy, yum.


I had seen these gadgets on the shelf and after today, we are getting a couple of them.  They are not just good fun but a practical way to have a great sandwich or quick desert with little or no muss or fuss.  Thank you Phil and Susan, desert was great.

When the season gets fully underway there will be five host couples here.  I hear the park gets busy and stays that way till October.  There will however, be more opportunities to hang out and grow these new friendships and that is a big part of what makes this Full Time RV life so cool.

Our loop and a view of the river.

20130417_134722.jpg 20130415_191926.jpg

As I write this we are checking the Weather Channel, so far the forecast has been largely wrong thank goodness.  We have only had grey skies and none of the storms that were in the forecast for today.  Tomorrow (Thursday) there is a more ominous feel to the forecast as the intensity of thunderstorms is predicted to be strong from 12:00PM till about 6:00PM.  We will have an eye to the sky and an ear to the radio.  Hope for the best and take shelter in needed.  Tomorrow is ‘our turn’ in the camp host rotation.  We will be ‘wired’ into any late breaking weather action for sure.

Can’t wait till Friday.