The flood waters receded quickly and we pitched in on Saturday to help with the recovery.

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Rhonda grabbed a hose and started spraying mud off the table pads.  The river level was right at bank full and now off most of the campground.

We had a great lunch break with some burgers and our buddies Phil & Susan joined us.


By the end of the day the water was off the roads and things were beginning to look normal again.  The water line at site 13 (our official spot) was about
1 1/2 foot up on the trees at the high point.  That level puts it at 4 to 6 feet over the roads that come in and out of that loop.  I am so glad we moved when we did.  It would have been a very tense time otherwise.  Our blogging friends Phil & Rudee had some damage but largely escaped the catastrophe it could have been.  That was really great news to get when I check the blogosphere this morning and saw Phil’s post.

Playing tourist in our ‘home town’

Sunday morning we headed out.  Rhonda’s youngest, Anna is changing jobs and decided to get some R&R in during the transition.  With at least a week of ‘unemployment’ what a great time to take a vacation.  We went to where she is staying to have a laid back day of mom and daughter catching up.  Our plan was to have breakfast together so the decision was made to go to Three Monkeys.   This neighborhood bar & grill has a super Sunday Brunch buffet. When we finally arrived I was starved and neglected to get any pictures but you can see some here.

After the feast we needed to walk off some of that load of food, down the street is Tower Grove Park.  This is a really neat historic place in St. Louis.  The park originates from a gift by Henry Shaw and was authorized by the state of Missouri March 9, 1867.  Since we (I was) were gorged from a gluttonous feast back at Three Monkeys, I was going slowly and did take a few pictures.

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Saw this tree in the park and since I really like finding trees that have a bunch of character, I had to get a few shots of it, here is one.


Recovery from the huge breakfast was slowly beginning and it was soon time to head out for,,, MORE?  Anna came up with the idea that we go to Ted Drewe’s.


Oh what the hell, I love ice Cream and Ted Drewe’s is a St. Louis institution after all.  Anyway I need a break from the green smoothies I started a few days ago, and did I say, I LOVE ICE CREAM.

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Now to be honest, we did something in between the park walk and Ted Drewe’s.  It just seemed right to save this for last.  Actually it seems like I should do a totally separate blog post at some future date when I am a bit more well versed on the subject but here goes a brief recap.  Remember the Bourbon Trail from our days in Kentucky a few months ago?  Well we just discovered Micro Distilleries.


It turns out that a friend of Anna’s, and her brother’s room mate Rob is starting a Micro (or Craft) Distillery.  He has a friendly competitor across town that has his Micro Distillery in operation.  The suggestion was made we go check it out, hell yes, let’s go.  Check it out here StilL360.


David Weglarz the owner and tour guide treated us to an in-depth tour and tasting of the fruits of his labor.  The two products available for tasting were Big Jake and RallyPoint.  It was very interesting and the whiskey was quite tasty.  We look forward to seeing (and asking for) his spirits as we traverse this country.  If you would like to try some of this special brew here are links for the retail outlet that can ship product to you. Try some Big Jake and/or RallyPoint from StilL630, I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

We will also be keeping an eye out for Rob’s unveiling of his new operation.  He says about another year and he will have something ready for market.

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Today we are recovering.

Well to tell the truth, Rhonda and I need little rest from yesterday, but it appears the ‘boys’ are quite tired!  Pots had a hard time getting up this morning… and Tobey was sacked after a short walk around the campground!

20130422_091140.jpg 20130422_144252.jpg

They did not even over eat, or have ice cream, and no they did not sneak any  whiskey over at Still630 either.  They are not Booze Hounds, just a couple of pooped pups.

More to come, stay tuned.