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This full time RV living is an amazing adventure.  We are well into the 7th month and everyday seems just a bit better than the day before.  If it continues like this I may become concerned that it is not legal to be having this much fun!!

We seem to be hitting a stride.  Out ‘here’ you really need to plan ahead, when you start this adventure, that can be somewhat intimidating.  Thoughts of what do we do if we can’t find a place to park, etc. kind of linger in the back of your mind.  So to avoid those problems, we plan ahead, stay flexible and adjust as we go.  We use the internet and other resources like Workamper News extensively.  There are tons of resources for finding places to camp from private campgrounds to BLM and anything in between.

We are somewhat surprised that what we thought we would limit to about 3 to 6 months a year is becoming our preferred way to go.  Workamping is what I am talking about.  This can be anything from volunteer positions like being a camp host to full time paid positions or any kind of entrepreneurial enterprise you can think of.

Our next GIG

So what is my point you ask?  I learned long ago, you make your own luck.  We plan ahead and have found that with just a little time spent on that effort good things happen. We just received a phone call from the folks at The Palatki Heritage Site and now it is official, we will be working there in the later part of July through early fall.  We are very excited to have this opportunity.  This is a special place, Palatki and its sister site, Honanki were the largest cliff dwellings of the Red Rock country between A.D.1150 – 1300.

Here are a few pictures I found on line.

View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

This is a volunteer post as Docents and as such we will become fully immersed in the history of the site and the area.  How cool is that?  This will be a new experience for us and something I had never thought I would be doing.  I have always been fascinated with Native American history and particularly the Cliff Dwellings found in the southwest, so it will for sure be an easy thing to wrap my arms around.  We are looking forward to the time we will spend there.  When we are not on duty, there will be plenty of time to check out the many things to see and do close by, Sedona, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon to name just a few.  There in lies a big benefit of seeking and taking these positions. You are ‘forced’ to go a bit more slowly, the result is you are seeing more and not rushing around like a tourist.

Wow it is going to be a neat late summer early fall.  By the way, we found this opportunity in Workamper News.

Now we have commitments taking us through mid to late fall and our attention fully comes back to the here and now.  We have many adventures to come while we are here.  Friends and family will be visiting and I am sure we will have a few float trips on the river in the next 8 weeks.  It is hard to believe a month has passed here at Meramec SP and we only have two more to go!  Time flies when you are having fun.