The sun was back out on Wednesday and the kids were expected around 2:00.  When they arrived we broke out the just received Rome Pie Irons and fixed ham and cheese sandwiches over the fire.  The next day we used those things to fix apple and cherry pies topped with vanilla ice cream, yummm.  The feast on Wednesday evening was another round of the always popular shies kabob entre.  Toby was rather disappointed we did not fix him any.

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Late Thursday the three of them (Rhonda, Ryan & Anna) headed to Erin’s house for more mother and child reunion time.  The rain started again shortly after they left on Thursday and continued through Saturday evening.  The Meramec River began it’s rise and on Sunday crested at 9.09ft mid day.


I checked just before bed on Sunday and the updated river stage and forecast is a bit more comforting.  We will see what things look like in the morning.


We are supposed to move sometime Monday and make way for Terry & Marilyn.  I hope we do not have to move again next weekend because there is, you guessed it, more rain on the way!!

Imagine that… how long before this cycle ends?

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Man it will be nice when things dry out a bit.

The day (Monday) unfolds and we decide to go back to site #13


It is Monday and after struggling over a decision of which site to move to we consider the forecast of both the river levels and the weather forecast and ultimately choose to return to 13 where we are supposed to be and where we left just in time a few days ago.  What the heck, if we go to #13, we may not need to move again.  If we go to a temp site we WILL have to move again.  I really do not think we will be needing to jump again to avoid a flood but it could happen.  No big deal really.

So we move


Then XXit happens!!


The landing gear fails, it is the drivers side jack and it is not in stock locally.  What is the deal with this site 13?  Unless we can figure out a solution quickly we are very vulnerable.

I call a trusted RV repair company and in about an hour we have unhitched and somewhat leveled the trailer.  The plan is for the part to be here Wednesday and the repair to be complete by Wednesday evening.  It will be a few bucks but it is all part of the ‘adventure’ right?  The main thing is that it will be fixed before the river rises again if it does.  I really do not think we will need to move again to avoid flooding but I also will not take a chance if things change.  Stay tuned, we will see what happens together.  I assure you we WILL NOT get wet.  I can now get the trailer up and on the hitch even if the jack is not fixed.  Notice the jack under the landing gear.

Potsy update


Our little guy is not doing well at all.  We knew this time would come soon but that makes it not one bit easier.  I will forego the details but I really will be surprised if he is with us in the morning.  He is comfortable and there is no real drama, but it is very obvious his flame is just about to go out.  He is a special little guy and his vet summed it up quit well saying he did not know he was a MinPin.  Never aggressive, always trusting and just wanting to be part of the action. We will miss him very much.