By the time we leave here the end of June we will have moved at least 5 times.  Is that a record for camp hosts within the same campground?


Back on higher ground across from the site we left Monday

Today is Thursday and as you may remember, we moved back to ol’ lucky #13 on Monday.  That was also the day Potsy was really fading fast.  To add to the difficulties, the landing gear failed just as we were unhooking after we had moved.  There are just some days that would be better spent in bed.  So Tuesday is a big blur, losing our little buddy, Potsy and being in limbo waiting for the jack to get here and be replaced.


Waiting for the repair Wednesday Site #13

We were anything but settled and in fact everything was very unsettled.  Wednesday rolled around and at 6:00PM here came the part and the repair.  An hour later and quite a few bucks lighter we were level and back in business.  The repair was made by 3R RV service.  They are having an open house this Saturday and I will tell more about them in a future post.  I will get some pictures at the open house as I was just not in much of a mood for any of it yesterday during the repair.  The service was prompt and Jim did a terrific job of getting everything back in 100% perfect working order.

Back on ol’ #13

I had been keeping an eye on the weather and the river levels of course, and it was sometimes looking like we would be ok to stay in #13. Then an hour or two later the updated forecast would have us not so sure.  The river levels were not dropping fast enough to compensate for the rain that was predicted.  As the morning (Thursday) unfolded it became clear that there was no real choice  the only prudent thing to do was to play it safe and move.  So we did just that, again.

So here we are at 187C and we beat the start of the rainfall.  Just before the rain started we were leveled and slides were out and we are on our new spot.  Still recovering (or trying to) from the loss of Pots, anxious for the summer to get here and this rain to end.  There are eight campers here at last count, most are here in the loop with the camp hosts above where the river will be in the event it tops the bank again.  We will be standing ready to help in any way we can if the decision is to evacuate.  There are a good number of reservations for tomorrow but I am sure with the rain, most will cancel.

Here are a few up shots, before we had the big surprise expense on the landing gear we had ordered a new camera.  Lots of research lead me to the Canon SX40 HS.  It sure has some great reviews and the capabilities are pretty much exactly what we feel we need.  There are always trade offs but I would say this model has 99.9% of what we were looking for.  Better pictures coming soon.

We plan to go to the 3R RV Open house Saturday.  In addition to a great time we will be including an overview of their store, shop and services.  They do not sell RVs new or used.  They live or die by parts and service.  There is a big difference in the quality of work from a service company opposed to a dealer.  Their location is very good also, just a few miles north of I-44 at the St. Clair exit, near Union, MO.

One last pic of Potsy


I just have to add this picture of Dayton here.  This was taken as we were in the final stages of packing the 5er and leaving St. Louis last September.  This picture really shows how the little guy could get you on his side real fast.  He is in the bed meant for Tobey the 80lb Doberman!!  Miss you kiddo.