Is this what Springtime is now days here in the mid west?we-could-be-doing-this.jpg

Can’t believe the snowfall here in May!!  That will add to the ‘fun’ this spring and early summer.

The rainfall did have the expected effect on the river, once again I am very glad we moved.  It did not get as high as a couple of weeks ago but could easily have a second crest given the volume of water in the downstream flow.




I think we will stay in this spot on higher ground until a couple of weeks with no rain have passed.  We did spend a bit of time just veg’ing and watching movies on Netflix.  That is getting old fast so yesterday a few of us camp hosts headed to the 3R RV open house.


Water towers along I-44 near St. Clair, MO

20130504_115620.jpg 20130504_115826.jpg20130504_115831.jpg 20130504_115842.jpg

Jim and Christina are the owners of 3R RV Service.  Their open house was Saturday and the camp host team here at Meramec SP headed that way to check it out.  These are very nice folks that you can count on for quality work and a good selection of parts and supplies.  The store is impressive, well stocked and organized.  Their convenient location just off I-44 north of St. Clair is very handy, Keep them in mind if you are in the area and need parts or service.

Back at the park late Saturday, we gathered for a bon fire and some hot dogs.

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With the crew gathered and the water up it was a good time to hang out around a fire so we did.  Fixed some Pigs in a Blanket again and enjoyed a nice fire as the day drew to a close.  The water is up all around us and when it recedes there will be the usual clean up to get done. Man I hope this is the last time for this mess.

So that is what we have been up to, trying to stay dry and find something to do in the midst of a flooding event.  It is hard to get motivated to go outside with everything so soggy right now.

Bring on the heat.