This built in Panorama is a cool feature on the phone.

I mentioned we got the bug and ponied up for a new camera.  It is a Canon SX40 HS and I will not use it till we get the UV filter on it primarily to protect the lens.  USPS has had the item headed our way for the last 5 days, pony express would be faster.  While I wait, I am reading the manual and playing with the camera phone, or is it phone camera?  The phone (Samsung Galaxy Sll) has a phone with quite a list of functions.  The digital zoom quickly causes pictures to get fuzzy, but other than that not bad for a quick pic.  So here is some variety from the past couple days.


Toby wants to know if it is time for a walk, PLEASE.

With the recent flood, cloudy days and the general mood around here lately black and white seems to be a good choice.


The rain has stopped for a few days and I was fixing BLTs outside.  Did not take a pic of the sandwiches but did get a great shot of the dining room.  Under exposed by –1.  That QT cup just happened to be there, really it is not a prop!!!

View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

Played around with exposure adjustments and got a few B&W shots of the trail in the Meramec Conservation Area.  EVERYTHING is GREEN, almost TOO GREEN.  Tried to find some mushrooms but no luck.  The trail is a super easy asphalt approx. 2 mile walk in the woods.  There are quite a number of benches to allow for a good opportunity to just become part of the forest and be real quiet to see what/who shows up.  We will be going back to do just that soon.

20130508_134450.jpg 20130508_134404.jpg

Toby has a long face, that’s just how he is.  I was going to try a fish eye effect, but he is quite camera shy.  When I start pointing it at him he soon turns away and will not cooperate at all.  I once met an Indian at Mt. Rushmore who acted like that, come to find out a dollar fixed the problem.  Tried that with Tobs and he still was not interested.

20130509_132228.jpg 20130509_132154_thumb.jpg

This spot is at the high point on the road in the conservation area.  At this location we are looking down at the river and directly across from the campground way below.   These were zoomed out and a lot is lost.



The third shot here is cropped and shows the turn around at the entrance of one of the group sites way below.  The tree on the left side is the largest one in the two pics above.


Our ride back from the conservation area.

Here I have the phone acting like a dash cam.  As we were hiking the trail the clouds really dissipated and the afternoon turned into a really great one.

So there it is, what if I can not get any better pictures than these with the new camera?  That will be really embarrassing.

Taking pictures along the trail…