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Our granddaughter Payton came to stay for a couple days.  We packed a lot in while she was here.  Pigs N Blankets, the play ground, a hike at Meramec Conservation Area, checked out the mouth of Fisher Cave, humming birds just outside the window, the museum at the visitor center, pies in the pie irons and donuts on Saturday morning.

She is a four person kid, two have a hard time keeping up!  We had a great time.  Just before we were making plans to get her back home, Stephanie called and she was on her way with Kayleigh!  Cool beans we have more company and the cousins can play here a while.  They stayed till mid day Sunday (Mothers Day).


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In the midst of Stephanie, Kayleigh and Peyton being with us, our friends George and Mary came out to the park for a few days.  Very Cool Beans, they are staying till Wednesday.


On Monday Toby was very slow to get up and get going, he did not eat and was showing signs of mild distress.  Quite a scare but by Tuesday he had perked up and seems to be much better.  Could be that just having everyone here was a bit more than he was used to and he got somewhat worn out.


Granted he is slower these days but this was an abrupt change, thankfully he seems to be OK today.

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Mid morning Monday John and Linda rolled in with a new camper.  John stopped, rolled down his window then said “I believe we met you last fall at Barkley Lake.”

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Yep we met these folks during the first few days of our full timing adventure last September.  That is really cool, I have read about that happening to others in this FT population, now that we have experienced it we have another milestone & affirmation of our official status as Full Timers!!  I think our stop over in a Wal-Mart parking lot was our first right of passage!

Now just after John and Linda came in, another surprise visitor pulled up!


Rhonda’s oldest daughter, Erin surprised us with a visit.  After she got settled, we got with George and Mary for some touring around the park.

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Erin wanted to ride on the motor cycle so George and Erin followed us to the VC and Meramec Conservation Area.  Later in the day we had a group including John and Linda at the campfire.  It was a beautiful clear star filled night.

It is Tuesday and Erin just left.  We have fish thawing and George will be grilling that.  The campfire will have a few less folks gathered around but we are ready for a recovery!  It has been so busy my head is spinning!  We are on duty Thursday, lets see that means we can sleep all day Wednesday and be rested by Thursday morning.  That works.

BTW – Got the new camera pressed into service.  Been playing and learning it’s functions.  I believe the choice of the Canon SX40 HS was a good one.