First State Capitol building, St. Charles, MO.

Last Friday when we were in St. Charles for Dr. Appointments and to pick up Peyton, we decided to take a drive through some of the old familiar places.  Main Street in St. Charles is not only a familiar place but one of my favorites.  The rich history comes alive with multiple events throughout the year.  Civil War Re-enactments, Lewis & Clark Heritage Days and of course the holiday season with folks dressed in period costumes are just a few of the many fun filled events you can be part of here.

If your travels take you anywhere close to St. Charles, MO I highly recommend a stop here.  There is always something going on and it will be a great place to make a few memories.

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Here are some pictures of the historic buildings and shops on Main.

Along the river front (Missouri River) there are some very noteworthy attractions also.  The Lewis & Clark Boat House and Nature Center and the Katy Trail to name just two.

Lewis & Clark Boat House and Nature Center

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This facility houses the replica keelboats used for the Corps of Discovery Expedition.

Now if you do not find this stuff truly fascinating, and you whiz through like a tourist on a tight schedule, you will be better off not traveling.  Just get you cable subscription paid up, fill your cooler with beer, sit back and watch the Simpsons, Larry the Cable Guy, the Springer show or something.  Better yet rent the movie Idiocracy and then think about it a while.

This is just the tip of the iceberg here in the area.  There are the Wineries in southern St. Charles County, and of course the Daniel Boone home.  So when you are headed this way, plan to stay a while, there is a bunch of stuff to see and do here.

So as we approach the day when we roll west, it was nice to knock around in our old home town for a few hours before we head west on our own discovery expedition.  More to come, stay tuned.