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The tracks seem to hold a mystery, an adventure that needs to be experienced.  Where do they lead, what is the next stop?  Who and what has been along this route before now?  What does the future hold?

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The huge OLD Burr Oak tree in the park that welcomes visitors year after year.  Seems to have grown a mouth near the top and is getting ready to speak.  What stories could it tell?  What wisdom could it pass on?

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The tiny frog hoping along the road, heading to where?  Looking for lunch?


The river flowing through the park, down stream through the next town, moving on to join up with the Mississippi and eventually the Gulf of Mexico.  Think of the travelers that will be skimming it’s surface along the way.  Think of the explorers that have come before.  What about the adventures that lie ahead?

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What will this be?  You can’t build a cabin here in the state park!!  But no… it’s not a cabin.  Then WHAT is it?

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It is a POP UP of sorts!  Wow I never would have guessed.

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Getting ready for the holiday weekend and the Camp Host adventures really begin.  Campers are starting to fill the empty spaces.  Looks like school is out for a growing number of communities, kids are everywhere.  It is sure to be a busy weekend.

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Toby is resting up!!!  Imagine that.tobs resting

And here we are, the calm before the storm, so to speak.  What stories will come from the next few days.  We will have to wait and see.  One more day till the Holiday weekend officially starts.

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It is hard to believe we are at the end of May already.  One month left here at Meramec, one month till we are headed west.  What adventures lie ahead?  The excitement begins to build as the days pass and leaving is getting closer.  Our comrades and amigos around the fire this evening are veteran Full Timers with over 7 years under their tires.  Man they have some stories to tell.

Making memories and living the dream,

Have a safe and fun filled holiday weekend.