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Friday evening rolls around, the radio is busy with chatter from camp hosts, park rangers, the superintendent, maintenance and the check in booth.  There has been a parade of campers rolling in since Wednesday, and the campground is now filling up fast.  The potential for mass confusion is very great.  Everyone pitches in to help but more ‘hands on deck’ also contributes to the whirlwind, yet it works, seems like a managed chaos.

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IMG_0524.jpg IMG_0566.jpg

Campers are in every stage of settling into their sites.  Some are set up, décor is out and they are building their fires, some are just now backing into their sites.  Makes for a whole variety of commotion around the place, especially considering there are a bunch of kids running around and riding bikes.  It’s a job just to keep a lid on all the activity and not have a ‘boil over’.


We are not on duty tonight.  Our turn will come tomorrow, and tomorrow could be very entertaining.  It will also be our first holiday weekend as camp hosts and another milestone in this FT lifestyle.  Lovin’ it.

Memorial Day Weekend.

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Dogs like camping too!

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So do birds!IMG_0614.jpg

The vintage campers are always very interesting.

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I think the best thing to do now is take the radio outside, light the grill, grab a cold beer and chill out.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough!


This will be the start of a very good camping season, the weather is mostly cooperating and the river has calmed down a lot.  Float trips will soon be an everyday thing around here.

Have a safe holiday weekend and remember, Turn When The Road Does.