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Memorial day week.  Most all of the campers have left by mid day Monday.  Back to work for them and us.

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Back to ‘normal’

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So we get to work getting ready for ‘normal’, meaning we get all 210 sites re-tagged.  Not a huge job but requires a cross check of reservations and making sure we tag sites that are available for at least two days.  We also scan for trash and fire pits that are full of ash or trash.  Remarkably the campground is in great shape.  The campers that came for the holiday were, as a group, very well mannered and conscientious.  This may get me into trouble but that kind of feels like an unusual occurrence these days.  Could it be that good behavior is coming back into style?  (now I know I am in trouble)  Anyway is was a great holiday around here and thank you campers for being a great group.

Is it Easy Rider?

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A pampered pooch.

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Now it is time to get back to the business of life.

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We retrieved the bikes a few weeks ago.  I had been planning to fit a bike rack onto the pin box.  I had seen this on a couple of blogs I follow and really like the arrangement.  Glad to now have that done.

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Toby has not had toys for a while, he was too protective of them when Pots was here and we pulled back on most of the chew toys so that Pots did not become one!  One of our fellow camp hosts (Rich) threw a tennis ball to Tobs the other day and wow was he in heaven.  Now he takes it to bed with him and loves to play hide and seek.  He is not much on fetch and never can understand why the retrievers plow into the water after a stick.  Thank you Rich he loves his new prize.  Now another favorite is Sweet Potato Chews, homemade of course!  He acts like I do when there are fresh chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven.

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The drama begins, a move back to site 13!

As we near the end of the week and the time returning camp hosts are to arrive, it is time for us to move back to #13.  We are on duty Wednesday and the CG is in good shape.  The weather forecast has large storms possibly affecting us later in the week.  Wednesday is the best day to move and avoid a move in the rain.  So here we go, pack and roll.

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No sooner than I had the landing gear down and the truck pulled forward, the park superintendent calls on the radio.  He says he will be right over, upon arrival he informs us that it would be a good idea to be ready to move to HIGHER GROUND if we get much rain.  Well what the hell, we can always use the practice can’t we?  I could really cut loose here but in the interest of a less colorful post than this could be, I will just let you use your imagination.  Yep if (and that is the big unknown, IF) we get much of the rain that is forecast it could well bring the Meramec out of it’s banks once again.  We will see.  The good thing is there is always plenty of time to get to higher ground if we do need to move, providing we do not ignore the signs.

For now, partly cloudy and a light breeze.


So that brings us up to date.  Life goes on and in this FT lifestyle, it is not always like a vacation, rather it is often just normal life.  There is a certain freedom that comes with being semi retired and that is really easy to get used to.  We hike, ride the bikes, plan for our next camp, schedule more time with more grandkids and attend to the duties of being one of the host couples here at the park.  It is simply life as usual.  We are loving it and it does keep getting better every day!  We expect to get a couple of float trips in and a day trip or two during our remaining time here, so stay tuned, the excitement level is sure to ramp up.

In closing, I want to say thank you to all our followers, a growing group.  We really appreciate you showing interest in our adventure.  It is my sincere desire to make this blog an interesting as well as an informative place to visit.  In order to help me achieve that goal, please feel free to speak up.  Anyone out there looking forward to being FT RVing and have questions, please ask.

Always remember, Turn When The Road Does!

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