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Getting some practice with the camera.  The panorama shots show the river and gravel bars quite well.  This is a shot one week after we evacuated the CG due to rising water.  It is almost back down to normal now.panorama.jpg

It has been a week since the storm rolled through and we had the near flood.  Everyday since has been a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Today campers are swimming and floating the river.  It looks very inviting and I intend to get in there next week when (I hope) it is just a bit warmer and less crowded.

IMG_0800.jpg IMG_0802.jpg

IMG_0824.jpg IMG_0822.jpg

A panorama of three shots down stream, really does a good job of showing the diversity of this landscape.  The limestone bluffs look to be riddled with caves just at the waterline.  There are 42 caves here in the park!pan-3.jpg

The 200 loop, a pretty full place is what the weekend is beginning to look like.pan-2.jpg

This is a very wide shot of the main part of the CG.  Click to open and you should see a great number of campers.


LOTS of dogs took their people camping again this week.  So far there has only been one ‘dog hater’ that I have encountered.  Shame there are people who choose to be so miserable, just hope he does not choose to  make others miserable too.

IMG_0793.jpg IMG_0841.jpg

IMG_0830.jpg IMG_0827.jpg

A shot of “mosquito bottoms” or some folks call it “the dogwoods”.pan-5_thumb.jpg

We see a number of deer each night.  The heard is estimated to be 40+.  There are two (that we have seen) fawns still with spots.  Very awesome sight, they are so little and wobbly.  It is difficult to get a picture because it is usually just before dark that we see them.

IMG_0783.jpg IMG_0784.jpg

IMG_0788.jpg IMG_0782.jpg

Playing a bit more with the camera again today, the real fun stuff.

View album HERE then click any picture for slide show
View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.



The weather seems to be really settling down and the temps are just right.  It could be a tad warmer for swimming but I’ll take it.  This mild weather is quickly making up for the rough spots we have had the past few weeks.

It is hard to believe we will be leaving here in just three weeks.  After a week at Truman Lake we head to Sedona.  I am looking forward to digging out the tripod for some awesome night shots, I can only imagine what it will look like.

I have taken no action yet on the WIFI booster or the MIFI card.  Strongly thinking about Millenicom and their hot spot plan.  For the signal booster, considering the new Wilson universal cradle plus an outside antenna.  I am not too sure about which direction to go with the booster.  I believe if the cradle will do the job, it would be the best least hassle way to get ‘er done.  If there is anyone reading this that has experience with these,, please let me know what you think.

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