The internet connection has become sporadic but mostly no connection at all.  I am researching the solution that best fits our needs, more to tell on that when I ‘pull the trigger’.  Sorry for fewer posts.  Let’s try to catch up.

We had Ryleigh (the oldest of our six grand’s) spend the week with us.  Next week it is her sisters turn.  The second day she was here there was a group float organized by Tammy (the assistant superintendent) who is on vacation and has her granddaughters for the week also.


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It was the hottest day of the year so far and since I was on duty and I had pulled a muscle in my right shoulder, I stayed back and did the required camp host stuff.  The water was said to be quite refreshing and running fast so the float was only about a two hour trip.

The next day was so perfect for it, Rhonda and Ryleigh had to do another shorter float.  I walked the bank and tried to get a few good shots.

IMG_0957.jpg IMG_0959.jpgIMG_0960.jpg IMG_0966.jpgIMG_0968.jpg IMG_0953.jpg


… makes me think of a couple of old friends just hanging out together.IMG_0910.jpg

Just about every afternoon the deer provide a show.IMG_0980.jpg

Now THIS is my kind of town!  What does it costs to tap into this tower!IMG_0982.jpg

A day trip had us headed underground into Onondaga cave.  It was a great way to escape the heat which became somewhat intense for a couple days.

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It is now Sunday and the rain is back.  This time it is a typical gentle summer shower with a few claps of thunder thrown in for effect.  Toby is scared of the thunder and trails my every move.  I am still unable to get an internet connection so I will drive to the top of the hill and use my Droid as a hot spot.  Rhonda and Cybil will be here Monday sometime and we will replay some of last week.  With only a couple weeks left here we will soon be getting ready to head west.  I will be getting the tires rotated and it looks like we need an alignment again.  Oh well it is better to get it fixed than to eat the tires too fast and spend it for both tires and alignment.  What the hell add a week to gate guarding this fall!

Stay tuned and always remember, Turn When The Road Does!